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34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates

Wed, 01/12/2011 - 16:54 — julie
NOTE: This post was originally posted on January 12th 2011. However, I still receive requests for quality xhtml templates and these templates remain great quality. Whilst WordPress is hugely prevalent, many designers and amateurs still regularly need a simple html template for their work. Enjoy!

34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates

Nowdays, more and more designers and developers start selling their work for money, and as time goes by less free xhtml/css templates are being released. However there are a small number of authors that really provide great and free templates to the community, which helps cater for the audience of people who aren’t willing to pay for a theme, or simply can’t afford it. In the following collection, we have gathered an awesome pack of more than thirty beautiful css/html themes, that are absolutely free!

Small Business

Small Business is a beautiful, elegant and simple but very useful template for persons looking for a free, but awesome xhtml/css template.

Market Leader

Market Leader is a nice-looking, high-quality free xhtml/css template with a simple but usable jquery slider placed on the center and a great use of “soft colors”.

Out Liers

Outliers is a dark, stunning and well-designed free xhtml/css template with a great jquery slider, and nice effects for the navigation buttons.

Classic Luxury

Classic Luxury is a simple, elegant, beautiful and template based on the gray and white colors, great to be used for photographers or some small galleries.


Mondays is a simple but modern html template with a use of nice colors and a slider placed as one of the main elements of the website.


Acallia is a modern, kick-ass and stunning free xhtml/css template with an amazing design, usability and simplicity for a free theme.

Be Smart

Besmart is a simple, some-how elegant and wordpress-like template which is available for free. It also has a big jquery slider which really uplifts the usability of the theme.

Easy Slide

EasySlide is a single page html template, which has only a slider where your content and all kind of information can be placed.

Biz Group

Biz Group is a premium-like free xhtml/css template available for free. The current theme has a very beautiful interface and a great usability.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is a beautiful, modern and free xhtml/css template great for freelancers and creative persons to be used as portfolios and self-promoting webpages.

Alexx C

The current template is an elegant and stunning free html theme, which has a great use of soft colors and beautiful elements.


Portfolio is a stunning premium-like free template with a beautiful, a big dark design but with a very modern-looking interface.

Portfolio Web Template

Portfolio Site is a simple, elegant, stunning and gray, free xhtml/css template which is great to be used by freelancers or any persons whishing to show off their portfolio.

One Page Portfolio Template

Web Design Portfolio is a modern-looking, kick-ass and simply awesome, single-page, free template build with html5 and css3 techniques.

Business Template

Business Template is a simple, some-how elegant free xhtml/css template which has a mix of some soft colors, which are probably fitting great the theme.

Summer of Love

Summer of Love is a premium-like and quite popular xhtml/css free template with a great use of beautiful design elements and colors and a kick-ass navigation bar.

Clean Interface

Clean Interface is a simple-white but very elegant template, with a stunning jquery slider and portfolio section where your works done should be placed.


The Prestigious Open Source CSS Template is based on a Fixed Width layout with 2 Columns and uses an XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype. The template is a available in two colors, Dark and White.

Book Store

Book Store is a beautiful, and usable free xhtml/css template for any person who plans to create a book store.

Web Template

Web Template is a well-designed with a great use of color and high-quality elements, being great to be used for small business companies.

Simply Elegant

Elegance Business is another elegant, gray, simple but beautiful free html template with a nice jqery slider. The template is great to be used for small agencies or freelancers.


Coffee Maker is a beautiful and stunning “brown template” available for free. Great to be used as a nice-looking store for one, at most 2 or 3 items.

Web Design Template

The current template is a beautiful and elegant free xhtml/css theme, with a nice use of bright colors. Good to be used by small companies, agencies and freelancers.

Gray Company

This is a nice-looking free dark template, with some high-quality elements in it. Not recommended to be used by freelancers, however some companies can use it for their website, as it has a premium-like looking.

Pink Shop

Pink Shop is a beautiful, stunning and really usable template for small business owners. The template can help you create easy a small online shop

Speed Racing

Speed Racing is a premium-like, free xhtml/css template, which is great to be used by some small car-dealers or services related to cars.

Inspiration Folio

This is a stunning and elegant free single-page portfolio template which is great to be used by freelancer who want to have a really creative website.

YIW Minimal

Your Inspiration Minimal is a free template, extremely versatile and simple to personalize. The layout is optimized for a portfolio but is easily adaptable to any business or individual who’d like to put their products or services on the web.


Ikonic is another vibrant and stunning e-commerce free xhtml/css template, you can use for your online shop and service-providing websites.


This is a very popular free xhtml/css among the internet this days, but because of it’s elegant design, i simply could not miss this collection.


This is a sleek and beautiful free template, that is meant to be used as a website for promoting an iDevice application. Great to be used by iDevelopers, and small development companies.


Ornare is a premium-like, very usable, texture, free xhtml/css template that is great to be used for freelancers and agencies, in order to promote their services and portfolios.

Web Template

This is a beautiful dark, elegant and stunning free template, that is purely build by using only CSS3 and HTML5 techniques.

Jayj Free Template

Lawyer Attorney is a kick-ass, amazing, and really premium-like black free html template that is great to be used on Attorney, but not only, websites.

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