Sep 25

The Ultimate Programming Cheat Sheet List For Web Designers And Developers

Fri, 09/25/2009 - 19:16 — julie

There are so many cheat sheets around these days, and the same goes for programming languages. Cheat sheets are basically a set of notes to allow programmers quick reference to code. I have compiled a list of many different cheat sheets for many different programming languages. Programming languages included in the list are Ruby, Python, PHP, CSS and many more.

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

Smashing Magazine has provided us with an awesome HTML 5 cheat sheet. Download


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Ruby Cheat Sheet

eDocr has a brilliant ruby cheat sheet. Download


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HTML Cheat Sheet

This is another HTML cheat sheet, that is displayed differently to Smashing Magazine’s. You can download this cheat sheet in .png and also .pdf. Download


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Ruby On Rails Cheat Sheet

Added Bytes have an awesome ruby on rails cheat sheet in .pdf and .png. Download


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PHP Cheat Sheet

Blue Shoes have provided us with an awesome php cheat sheet (online version). View


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CSS Cheat Sheet

Added Bytes CSS Cheat sheet. Will help web designers make pixel perfect web pages. Download


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WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress Candy has got a downloadable WordPress help sheet in .pdf format. Download


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CSS Cheat Sheet

An online version of a CSS cheat sheet. View


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PHP Cheat Sheet

Added Bytes have compiled their second version of their PHP cheat sheet. This is really great, and is available for free download in .png and .pdf file formats. Download


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jQuery Cheat Sheet

An online version of a jQuery cheat sheet. This will jog your memory when you forget jQuery code. View


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MooTools Cheat Sheet

Snook has a downloadable MooTools cheat sheet, that is presented beautifully! Its available for free download in .pdf and .png file formats. Download


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Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet

Slash 7 has provided developers with a really nicely presented scriptaculous field guide. Download


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MySQL Cheat Sheet

Added Bytes have done it again. This time MySQL. Download


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.Net Cheat Sheet

John Sheehan has over at his blog an awesome downloadable .net cheat sheet. Download


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Perl Cheat Sheet

Here is a really nice online Perl cheat sheet. View


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Python Cheat Sheet

Added Bytes hit us with another cheat sheet. Its avaliable to download in .png and .pdf formats. Download


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Java Cheat Sheet

Dream In Code have a really helpful Java cheat sheet (reference sheet). Download


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