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The Top 10 Free Icon Sets For Web Designers In 2009

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 13:40 — julie

Our last top 10 list, titled “The Top 10 Web Applications For Web Designers In 2009” proved to be very successful, with over 450 retweets! So I have compiled another 2009 top 10 list. This time though, its Icon packs in the spotlight. Here is WebDesignDev’s top 10 free icon sets for web designers in 2009 list.

Of course this is our own opinion, and not what web designers have voted on. If you think a different icon set deserves to be number 1, then feel free to drop us a comment telling us why. Anyway, enjoy the list!

#10 Grunge Peeling Stickers

A collection of social media icons turned into grunge peeling stickers kick starts the list at number 10.


* * * * *

#9 Project Icon Set

At number 9 we have a quality icon set names “Project”. In the set are 18 free vector icons that look the bomb. This set is good for business use, or use for in the office.


* * * * *

#8 Webby

Webby is a free icon set that concludes of 100 free high quality icons for you to download.


* * * * *

#7 Onebit

Onebit is in at number 7, with 50 high quality all purpose icons to use in your projects, we had to include this set.


* * * * *

#6 Basic Set

In at number 6 we have a set names Basic by prokofusha on DeviantArt. There is a nice set of basic but high quality icons here, and they can be used many times in your projects.


* * * * *

#5 Circular Social Media Icons

Here we have a set of 27 bright and bubbly social media icons in a circular shape. These icons come in 3 different sizes too, which are 128px, 64px and the small 32px.


* * * * *

#4 Finance Icon Set

Visual Pharm have a treat in for us. A finance icon set with money, scales and many more nice high quality icons in many different sizes.


* * * * *

#3 MinIcons

In at number 3 we have a set named MinIcons which contains 30, 48px x 48px icons in both .png and .ico format.


* * * * *

#2 WP WooThemes

This is the first release of the WP WooThemes Icon Set. There are 79 high quality icons in the set, in 256px x 256px, and smaller sizes. This is a great icon pack and this is why it scored in at number 2.


* * * * *

#1 LED Icon Set

The winner on our list, for the best 2009 Icon Set is the LED Icon Set. This icon set consists of over 500 free 16px x 16px icons. There is basically an icon for everything. Your spoiled for choice!


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