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Freebie Friday – Tuts+ Freebies Pages

Fri, 01/14/2011 - 04:46 — julie

Did you know that every Tuts+ site has a freebies page? They’re definitely worth checking out. Let’s go for a tour.

Psdtuts+ Freebies

What do you find on the Psdtuts+ Freebies page? Lots of free PSDs! There are textures, wallpapers, icons, styles, brushes and images. Just about anything you could wish for. Grab them today!

Nettuts+ Freebies

There is a lot of variety on the Nettuts+ Freebies page, with free items from the following categories: books, cheat sheets, icons, light boxes, plugins, themes, tooltips and others. The last five items include a utility app, a PHP script, an eBook, a HTML5 boilerplate and vector GUI elements. The list goes on and on. Explore what you can grab for free today.


Besides free vectors, the Vectortuts+ Freebies page also has plenty of brushes, patterns and learning resources. The packs often come in themes (monsters, Christmas, floral, cartoons, t-shirt designs, business card templates, stickers…), but there are also individual images of things like soccer balls, iPhones, cars and cats. The list goes on and on. Go for a wander, and you just might find what you’re looking for!

Audiotuts+ Freebies

Loops and samples are what you’ll find on the Audiotuts+ Freebies page. Rock sounds, string sounds, Jazz sounds, drum kits – and sounds from ethnic instruments. Use them to spice up your tracks. You’ll also find an issue of Life Sound International magazine. Check it out!

Aetuts+ Freebies

Aetuts+ freebies are in the categories plugins, presets, scripts – and learning. The last five items include a beat syncing presets, a fractal ray tracer, an After Effects exporter for Blender, an After Effects cheat sheet and a Bad TV plugin. Scroll through the list today.

Activetuts+ Freebies

There is a stack of freebies over at Activetuts+ – Actionscript 3 classes, applications, components, frameworks, source files and learning resources. A few items on the first page include a text-to-speech utility, a preloader pack, an interactive beach ball and a dynamic reflection generator class. Explore the complete list on your own.

Cgtuts+ Freebies

The most recent five freebies added at Cgtuts+ include a rusty metal texture pack, a dirty walls and bricks preview, some ocean HDRIs, wheel rims, and martial arts footage. The freebies come from these categories: reference, photo reference, software & tools, textures, tutorials & lessons. That’s a lot of free stuff! Grab it today.

Phototuts+ Freebies

There are a couple of free learning resources on the Phototuts+ Freebies page: Qflash Academy lessons and a Photoshop guide. Check them out today.

Mobiletuts+ Freebies

The Mobiletuts+ freebies come in two categories: software and Q&A. The software is Titanium by Appcelerator, which is a great cross-platform solution for creating mobile apps. And there are three Q&A sessions so far, as Mark Hammonds answers readers’ questions. Take a look.

Webdesigntuts+ Freebies

Webdesigntuts+ has a growing collection of freebies, which are categorized (not surprisingly) as complete site designs, and site elements. Complete websites include a simple resume design, a wood design and a minimal portfolio design. Site elements include icons, sliders and effects. Grab them today!

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