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Aug 23

Design an Artistic Watercolor Blog Layout

Tue, 08/23/2011 - 02:11 — julie

Design an Artistic Watercolor Blog Layout

Final Image

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

Step 1

Create a new document (1200X1200px).

Lay out some guides to help structure your layout:

Vertical Guides:

100px, 175px, 750px, 800px, 1100px.

Horizontal Guides:


Mar 04

Inspiration: Wonderful Watercolor Websites “This article...

Thu, 03/04/2010 - 03:09 — julie

Inspiration: Wonderful Watercolor Websites

“This article showcases 30+ stunning web designs that make use of the incredible watercolor effect. The showcase is followed up with a small selection of links sharing a few tutorials and watercolor textures and brushes that you can use in your own designs.”


Feb 01

The Ultimate Collection Of 45 Watercolor Photoshop Brush Sets

Mon, 02/01/2010 - 03:00 — julie

The ultimate collection of watercolour and paint brush sets featuring over 45 sets and 1500 high quality Photoshop brushes, an essential resource or all designers to enjoy and use.


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