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Apr 09

Giveaway: Win one copy of Impressionist UI – User Interface Pack

Mon, 04/09/2012 - 16:29 β€” julie

Impressionist UI is a huge User Interface elements pack that contains more than 300 web design elements. The examples of elements in this huge UI pack are: Edit Boxes, Tabs, Buttons, Notification Windows, Menus, fast solutions for the Menu tabs, Windows, Backgrounds, Graphics, Sliders, Informational blocks.

These elements are done in Photoshop using shapes, thus they are able to be zoomed without losing quality. Besides elements, Impressionist UI also packs with 50 styles that you can use to create your own shapes.

Impressionist UI also contains 200 (x3) icons, and these icons can be resized from 16x16px to any size you would think of. All the icons have been skillfully made using 16 pixels, by respecting real proportions; this is why they will always be spotted no matter the size whether it’s a favicon or a poster at the airport.


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