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Jan 15

Get Started With HTML5: Tips, Showcases, And Coding Samples

Sun, 01/15/2012 - 04:58 — julie

10 Must Know HTML5 Tips & Tricks

HTML5 is gaining more popularity and starting to evolutionise the entire web interface. Even some web developers quoted that HTM5 elements and visual effects are comparable to Flash. The new scripting style is easy to understand and capabilities to enhance the web interface is limitless. So how interesting is this HTML5 anyway?

This article is intended to give readers an insight on what you should know about the HTML5 and most importantly some tips & tricks on creating lightweight, attractive, and interactive HTML5 pages.

1. Basic in HTML5

Before we begin any further of this topic in HTML5, it will be good to check your current browser first. As many of the browsers are still in the development mode (enhancement to accomodate the HTML5), some features mentioned here may not be supportable.


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