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Jul 22

Working with Sessions and Cookies in PHP and MYSQL

Wed, 07/22/2009 - 04:18 — julie

Security is an essential component for any site to be successful. However, adding security can increase overhead and annoy your users if not done properly. In this tutorial, I will discuss common problems that are encountered when using sessions and cookies.


Cookies are ways for the user to be identified by a website. For instance, a site will create a cookie with the name: “favorite_color” and the value: “red”. Now, each time that you visit the site, it will load the cookie and establish that your “favorite_color” is “red”. This can be quite effective in remembering users, so a user does not have to log in each time they visit your site. The “Remember Me”, seen in many sites, uses this method. However, this can also create some serious security holes.


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