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Jun 12

Tutorial for Saving image files as PNG image files instead of Jpeg.

Fri, 06/12/2009 - 05:36 — julie

This tutorial talks about the benefits of saving your picture files as PNG instead of Jpeg, or Gif. Jpegs are only good for Photos with “a lot” of colours. PNG are good for saving clipart and photoquality pictures as well. It is a very versatile picture format.

But, gif are still the best for animated gifs.


Small Picture size

No blurryness when saving images with more then 256 colours or less.

Have better colour saturation when saving images with more then 256 colours.

Sample of PNG file saved with MS Paint. Notice how sharp the clip art and vibrant the photo background looks. The Strawberry clipart has nice sharp solid colours and the photo background looks like a sharp vibrant photo.


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