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Jun 04

30+ Awe-Inspiring One Page Websites

Mon, 06/04/2012 - 13:53 — julie

Web designing has moved its steps towards one-page websites in this recent years. It can be said as a fashionable trend but not kind of “easy come, easy go”. At least, it is quite eye catchy and has successfully attracted a lot of people. That’s why it is still a trend today.

No reason, more and more web users like to visit single page websites. Probably it is more convenient, quicker and easier to browse and click. It clarifies the purpose of a website to users. Why do they need to surf through all websites? They only want to get what they want so that the idea of single page design is workable well and fine without extra or additional pop-up contents. Also, users can save loading and refreshing time to browse and access more things of those one page websites within a short time. Hence, sliders, carousels and auto scroll scripts are some examples that can be utilized in designing any single page websites.


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