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Sep 28

How To Create An Auto Expanding Navigation Menu Using CSS

Mon, 09/28/2009 - 17:48 — julie

One of our readers has emailed in saying that they would like to know how we have made our navigation menu rollover effect, in which a background image expands to the length of each text link in the menu. I have decided to write a tutorial on how we have done this for the WebDesignDev navigation. But first here is the email…

Hey Web Design Dev,

I am Luke Marohn, i am 13 and i also design and develop websites. i’m pretty pro with designing, HTML and CSS, but this is something i cant figure out.

I see this on almost all sites, it has to do with the navigation, it seems as though (for your main navigation) when you roll over “home” or “contact” the width of the green bar is changed to fit the link. i am pretty sure you have a tutorial on that but i cant find it. if you didn’t make a tut on this can you? or send me to another site that has a tutorial on how to do this?

Hopefully this made sense…


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