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Aug 11

Simple Layouts with PHP

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 18:10 — julie

This tutorial is for those starting out in PHP and want to learn a great way to create layouts. This will help reduce redundancy and keep you from writing too much code.

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Anyone that has been developing HTML based sites for some time has undoubtedly ran in to the issue of keeping the design consistent across multiple pages. Most websites follow a similar layout to the picture. This is great unless you have sites that require multiple pages. What happens when that one link is changed from say “Contact Me” To “Contact Us”? Well you have to go in to each of the pages and update the code. That is slow and prone to error if you forget a page or something. So we want to employ PHP to solve that problem for us. There are actually two ways I am going to cover and at the end I’ll let you know which I prefer and why.


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