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Feb 07

The Ultimate Guide to Networking and Promotion for Graphic Designers

Tue, 02/07/2012 - 02:42 — julie

The Ultimate Guide to Networking and Promotion for Graphic Designers

Whether you run a graphic designer blog, work as a freelancer, or just want to take your hobby to the next level, one thing is for sure – good networking and promotion is crucial.

Promotional primarily gets you more clients, but you also want to be building up your brand, your online following and getting your work seen by more people.

My advice for networking and promotion is very simple:

Be everywhere, and be active.

It’s really that simple. If your networking extends to setting up a blog and a Facebook page, then your work probably won’t get much exposure. However, if you’re really active in a variety of areas, from blog posts, to forums, creative networks and more, then you stand a much better chance of getting great exposure and meeting more of your peers.


Sep 18

760+ Photoshop Tutorials For Web & Graphic Designers

Fri, 09/18/2009 - 14:31 — julie

I have compiled together the ultimate Photoshop tutorial list for web and graphic designers. Mixed in here are a large array of over 760 tutorials from PSD slicing to fantasy art, logo design techniques to text effects, and so many more. Some tutorials are for beginners and some much more advanced. Many thanks to all the websites who have had the time to compile and showcase these lists. Enjoy!

30 Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Vintage and Retro Style

Web design Ledger have compiled an awesome list of 30 photoshop vintage and retro tutorials.

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