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Dec 03

50 Best Free Fonts From 2009

Thu, 12/03/2009 - 03:00 — julie

Every designer needs a good collection of free fonts, when working on design projects weather your designing for the web or for print its always essential to have a good collection of fonts. Fonts can be very expensive especially when working on a design project with a small budget. This is a collection of the best free fonts created in 2009.


Aug 28

@font-face and 15 Free Fonts You Can Use Today

Fri, 08/28/2009 - 19:47 — julie

Fonts are a huge part of design (as we all know). Text on the web needs to be much more dynamic than in any other media. We have solutions like Cufón, sIFR, etc. but perhaps one of the better options is using @font-face in CSS.

We’ll take a quick look at using @font-face in CSS and 15 great free fonts you can start using today.

What is @font-face?

@font-face is a CSS rule that lets web designers link to a font that visitors may not have installed. Using this, we can get around the problem of web-safe fonts as well as prevent creating additional dependencies in other methods such as Cufón, sIFR, etc.

Once the font is linked, it is used just like you would use any other font in your CSS. Imagine the possibilities! Unfortunately, there are concerns from many font foundries and others that is currently limiting the use of this rule.


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