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Feb 10

10 Principles That Should Be Considered Before Designing a Logo

Fri, 02/10/2012 - 16:40 — julie

Before you plan a logo, you should understand something that is represented and something that must be done. A logo is not only sign a commercial brand of the business through the use of format of font, color, and picture.

Logo is something inspiring the belief, impression, and admiration of a company or product, and our task as a designer is to create an identity that will do that task.

Have you ever asked to yourself, why the business competitor has more attention than yours? The answer is maybe related with the elements of this business.

But, what is the branding? Think it! Branding is something that is in your client mind to your company. Good branding will distinguish your product and service by the positive way that is really embedded in your potential costumer brain.


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