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Jul 28

Unconventional Sources of Design Inspiration

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 21:10 — julie

Unconventional Sources of Design Inspiration

Generally designers and graphic artists get their inspiration from sites such as Deviant Art and the Behance network. Of course blogs are also constantly pumping out inspiration posts that provide plenty of daily inspiration.

However, if you’re taking your inspiration from solely online means then it can really limit your creativity. Today I’m going to discuss some of my favorite methods of inspiration, that will help get you away from your computer screen and boost your creativity!


Jul 15

20 Creative Web Forms For Design Inspiration

Wed, 07/15/2009 - 21:16 — julie

I know lots of you love our design inspiration, so here is another dose of it. This time I have compiled together some creative web forms from around the internet. Included are contact forms, login forms, comment forms and a few others. I hope you enjoy the collection, and if you want to add anymore you have found be sure to drop us a comment.

Creative Form Resources

If you want to learn how to style your forms like the ones below, and even add jquery effects and much more, then here are some resources I have wrapped up for you.


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