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Aug 26

10 Ways To Add Value To Your Service And Build Customer Loyalty

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 23:24 — julie

Many businesses fail because of the lack of value they give to their customers. I have wrote a quick handy guide on how to increase value to your website service / product, and build loyalty with existing customers and new ones. Adding value to your service allows you to raise the product price, so you earn more money, or keep the price the same, but conversion rates and customer satisfaction with the product will be higher. Anyway here is my guide. If you want to share a tip you have to add value, drop us a comment.

Your Product Needs To Be Unique

Theres no point in having an exact duplicate of another product / service. You want to offer something unique to your customers. Your product needs to be in a league of its own, so when people come to look at it, they will be like “that’s awesome, no other service offers some of these features” etc.


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