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Christmas Video Greeting Card Ideas

Nov 25

Christmas Video Greeting Card Ideas for Videographers

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 15:31 — julie

There are many traditions we follow at Christmas time. Giving presents to friends and family, decorating the Christmas tree, preparing a huge turkey dinner, over-indulging on egg-nog, and perhaps one of the oldest traditions of all is sending out seasonal greeting cards to all of our loved ones.

All of those traditions are pretty much unbreakable and set in stone. Except the last one I mentioned. Year after year we send out millions upon millions of greeting cards, but why do we do this when we could just as easily take advantage of all of the digital tools we currently have at our disposal, like After Effects and email, and instantly send a video greeting card instead?

Seasonal video cards are much more fun, they’re more personal, and they’re also surprisingly easy to create, as the below examples will illustrate.


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