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Mar 13

25 Useful Examples and Implementation of HTML5 Canvas

Tue, 03/13/2012 - 16:53 — julie

While most of us have heard of HTML5, not many of us are actually aware of what it does. However, lately one of its featured known as HTML5 Canvas is slowly picking up popularity and demand in the market. HTML5 Canvas is said to be an element that is used to draw graphics while scripting, and normally that means through JavaScript. To put it simply the HTML5 Canvas is akin to the Flash program only one would use JavaScript to draw their graphics and their graphics is then defined in codes.

While going through articles introducing the HTML5 Canvas we have came across some amazing examples and implementation of the HTML5 Canvas; in fact some of the designers made such good use to this feature that we have decided to collect and compiled some of these amazing examples and share them with our readers.


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