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Jan 24

Featured Artist: Eric Vasquez

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 18:41 — julie

Featured Artist: Eric Vasquez

Today we feature the work of Eric Vasquez. You may recognize some of Eric’s work as he is one of our most popular tutorial authors. What you may not know is that asides from writing for PSDFAN, Eric runs his own personal design business, and has built up an incredibly portfolio of work.

Eric’s work often uses amazing lighting techniques, and subtle coloring that gives his compositions a really professional gloss. His attention to detail is truly inspiring, and he often works with mixed media techniques to really give a sense of depth and variety to his work. Eric has been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and has also participated in two art exhibits including The Art Of Fashion Show at Webster Hall, NYC in 2010.

Eric is also an active member of the design community, and I’m sure would be happy to network with you guys if you have any questions or feedback for him.


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