Dec 11

This Week at Envato – Get a Free MailChimp T-shirt

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 02:02 — julie

We’re in December. Things are slowing down. I’m getting less emails, less submissions, less comments on tutorials and articles—and more spam! Are you finding that with your work too? The team’s Yammer feed has also been pretty quiet. The most activity we had was when Amanda Hackwith asked whether the quietness had anything to do with WoW’s Cataclysm expansion coming out!

We also discussed that Jeffrey Way is overdue losing (or winning) another game of Scrabble with his wife-in-training. What do you think the next punishment should be?

New AppStorm sites launched

This week Windows and Android users rejoiced as two new AppStorm sites were launched: Windows.AppStorm and Android.Appstorm. Are you enjoying the new sites?

Windows.Appstorm’s maiden article was written by the maiden herself, Amanda Hackwith. 90+ Incredibly Useful Windows 7 Apps & Tips is a very long and helpful categorized list that every Windows user should peruse. Were your favorite apps listed?

To outdo the Windows list by 10, Michael James Williams got Android.AppStorm going with 100+ Absolutely Essential Android Apps & Tips. Will you be buying your Android phone a Christmas present?

Are you a Windows fan? An Android user? Give us a shoutout in the comments. What’s next? Chrome.AppStorm?

Brutal Pneumatic Canon Prank

Envato prankster Jarel Remick shared this video with us earlier in the week. I’ve played my share of pranks, but none come close to this one.

Flash Bundle

Our Ultimate Flash OOP Bundle was a huge success this week. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and everyone who purchased it.

How have you made use of the bundle?

Get a free MailChimp t-shirt

This week Roger Byrne discovered that MailChimp are giving away free t-shirts (and sending them for free just about anywhere in the world). A bunch of us have signed up. Grab your while you can!

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