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Community Superstar Winner – Aaranmcguire

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 20:10 — julie

Community Superstar Aaran McGuire

Boy September went fast. With the new month upon us, it’s time to pick last month’s Community Superstar. A big time congratulations to an active and extremely helpful CodeCanyon author – Aaranmcguire!

Who is Aaranmcguire?

Aaran hails from the UK where if your child’s name has an ‘A’ in it you’re entitled to receive two more at no extra charge. Aaran has been a CodeCanyon author and Marketplace member since 2011 and has already made a big splash on the forums with his helpful attitude.

Here’s what he had to say about himself:

I’m 18 currently a Computer Technician at my local college, I do a wide range of stuff there, and sometimes get asked to do some web development. I started web development quite young, I bought my first websites on a auction site (ebay) and from there I tried to tweak things to get it how I wanted and somehow I picked up 2 extra languages, PHP and HTML. I then went on to learn how to do iPhone applications because I kept hearing `thats where the money is.` My first `Application` was a blend of PHP and Objective C and it sent notifications to users via Apple Server, and somehow I found CodeCanyon and uploaded it. I have made quite a lot of money from just 1 item and currently (in my spare time) I work with a few people on Envato doing website development.

Oh, and plans for the future, possibly become a server engineer, Unix and all that hardcore stuff.

And here’s a photo of the man himself as well as one of several malcontents from the recent UK meetup.

AaranAaran clearly lives in the blurry part of the UK
UK meetupTrouble.

And if you’re wondering about Aaran’s work, be sure to check out his profile, which includes these two beauties:

.P12 to .PEM Converter (PHP)

This is a PHP script to quickly convert them P12 files to a PEM file.

Advance iOS APNS

You can showcase your CD, Album art, Headed Paper, Business Cards and presentation folders.

Along with the ultra-cool gold superstar community badge (that only lasts for 12 months!), the prize this month is a 6 month Tuts+ premium subscription, a $30 Rockable ebook voucher and a $20 marketplace credit. Congratulations Aaranmcguire!

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