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10 Tips for a Successful Web Design Career

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 20:15 — julie

The web design business can be a tough one, especially if you are young and inexperienced. Being creative and skilled is not everything. You also have to learn how to talk to your clients, how to manage your projects and how to organize your work. There are a few things I learned, some of which I learned from mistakes, while others are tips I received from more experienced designers. If you want to have successful web design projects and many satisfied clients, then you have to keep in mind a few tips that will make a difference. Here are some things I found out during my web designer career, which helped me a lot in becoming a better web designer and project manager! Hope this post will be helpful to you too!

Don’t make money your no. 1 goal!

A good web designer is a person who is passionate about his/her work. If you just want some quick money, this job isn’t the one for you. You’ll have to work hard to become better and better every day and to keep up with the newest trends. If you’re doing this just for the money, then the lack of interest in this domain will show up in your work too. Be creative, make work fun! Money will come along with experience and as you get better you’ll see that the financial problems will disappear, as you’ll attract more clients.

Be confident!

This may be hard at first but it will come with time. Be confident in your work! Believe in your idea and you’ll see that if you inspire trust, others will believe in your work too! Accept criticism and suggestions from others and learn how to improve your work. As you’ll get better, more experienced and skilled, you’ll also grow your confidence and your web design projects will be successful. Also, remember that confidence is key when you have to talk with your client. Sell your work well and you’ll gain his trust!

Don’t sell yourself too cheap!

This is a mistake many of us make. Yes, you’re young…and yes, you are inexperienced.. but if you know that you are a creative designer with a great potential and original ideas, why sell yourself cheap?! Learn to evaluate your  work properly. If you sell yourself too cheap you’ll end up feeling like you’re working for nothing and you probably won’t be motivated to create great projects.

Be a team player

If you want to grow your business and increase your clients number, then you should think of creating a team. This way you’ll be more productive and you’ll have enough time to get new projects. Also, if you’re great at designing, but not so good ad programming, or viceversa, a team may be the perfect choice.

Create your own blog

A blog is an awesome way to drive traffic to your online portfolio and this way you’ll get more clients! Write about the projects you work on, create tutorials, share inspiring designs, anything related to what you do! You’ll see the difference in a very short amount of time.

Follow other creatives

Following web design websites is crucial! You have to stay up to date with the latest trends and also see other great projects on order to stay inspired. Also, follow famous, successful designers on their websites or social media pages. Learn about their stories and how they became successful. this may help you more than you think.

Constantly improve you skills

You can never say that you’ve learned enough. You can always get better and better at what you do and you must never be completely satisfied by your knowledge. Always look for new things to learn and ways you can improve your web designing skills.

Learn about project management

Many people ignore this part. Even if you are very good at your work and you’re a creative, original designer, this may not be enough in order to have a successful business! If you want to earn more and sell yourself for a higher price, then you must learn a bit about project management. Read books, learn online or take a course. I tell you for  fact, it will help you manage larger projects and besides being an awesome designer, you’ll also become a great businessman.

Improve your communication skills

Good communication skills are essential when talking directly to a client. We all know clients can be difficult sometimes, but if you know how to sell yourself and your project, it will all become a lot easier. Read a bit about psychology and body language, this is very helpful in any kind of business, not only in web design.

Be professional!

This is very important! Always respect your deadlines and keep your word. Only this way you’ll be recommended by your client to other potential clients and so on. Professionalism is key in every business!

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