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How to Create a Photo Gallery from Scratch

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CMS for Flash has become a really popular trend in the world of web design and development. And today we’re going to show you how to create a Flash website based on Moto CMS. Moreover we bring you an opportunity to buy any wedding template or any photo gallery template with 20% discount . To get a discount please apply the holiday promo code (VALENTINE20) at checkout and save 20% OFF on your purchases. The discount is valid till February 21, 2012. Go ahead!

Friends, you don’t need any specific knowledge and skills to use this guide – general knowledge in design and development processes will be enough.

We’re going to choose one of Flash templates from the MotoTemplate store and show you how to edit its content sections.

Take a look at the initial Flash CMS template # 32625.

create flash website tutorial

To try 30 days free demo version of this template you need to press the ‘Control Panel Demo’ button below the website header, to type your email address and to create a live demo account.

create flash website tutorial

You’ll receive an email from the MotoCMS team with the URL, login and password data, so that you can access your demo account.

The control panel is visually divided into three parts:

  • the left toolbar enables you to add new objects and widgets to the template (Text blocks, Images, Shapes, Flash, Videos, Slots, Modules);
  • the right toolbar shows you settings of every content item:
  • the top toolbar shows the most 揼lobal?settings of the template, such as content placement, ‘Create new page’ button, ‘Save Pages’ button, etc.

1.Background editing

Click once on the background area and you’ll be able to edit a background image. Note that your background picture will be changed every time when you open the ‘Gallery’ page ?the last viewed picture will become your next background image.

create flash website tutorial

2.Adding a new image

Open the ‘Image’ tab from the left toolbar and choose a picture from the Media Library that you want to insert. Then find the proper place for the image and adjust its settings.

create flash website tutorial

3.Adding custom fonts

Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebushet MS, Unsteady Oversteer and Verdana are default fonts for this Flash photo gallery template. But if you want to have some other font on your website, you can add it to the fonts list.

Choose ‘Add font’ option from the drop-down list of the default fonts. The Font Manager window enables you to manage template fonts right there.

create flash website tutorial

You can upload *.swf font files or create them using the Online Font Creator and Fonts Manager by MotoCMS. These features will help you to turn ordinary *.ttf and *.otf fonts into the *.swf format.

Open ‘Preferences’ ?’Fonts Manager’ ?’Create Font’. Press ‘Add Font’ button to open the Online Font Creator and follow the instruction from the top of the window.

create flash website tutorial

As soon as the compilation process is finished, save the *.zip file with your new *.swf font. You can also download this file by clicking the 揇ownload?button

create flash website tutorial

Now your font is created, and you need to add it to the control panel. Open ‘Preferences’ ?’Fonts Manager’ ?’Add New Font’ once again. The ‘Add Font’ window contains ‘Select font’ field (with a drop-down list of available fonts) and its glyphs (they will avoid fonts with the same name but different language).

create flash website tutorial

That’s it, you can choose this new font and apply it to any texts and titles.

create flash website tutorial

4.Working with the Media Library

If you wish to arrange the photo gallery, open the ‘Gallery’ website section from the top toolbar.

create flash website tutorial

A double click will open the gallery for editing. You can add new items to the Media library or remove existing ones from there.

create flash website tutorial

Please note that you need a thumbnail image for every photo. You can crop thumbnails by yourself or the system will do it automatically.

create flash website tutorial

In the Media Library you can create new folders and arrange pictures at your will.

create flash website tutorial

5.Create a New Website Section

‘Create a New Page’ button is located on the top left corner of the control panel. There are two types of website sections which you can create – pages and popups. You should choose one of them. The default page/popup will be created with the sample content, but you may also select the ‘Create Blank Page’ option to create an empty page.

You should fill in some fields for the new page: name, title and URL. You can also choose the parent page.

create flash website tutorial

The new website page is created, but don’t forget to make proper changes of the menu. Open ‘Content’ ?’Menus’ ?’Main Menu Single Line’. This window allows you to manage the menu items.

create flash website tutorial

6.Arranging video library

To create a video gallery from scratch, you need to find ‘Photo Gallery Preview’ and ‘Photo Gallery Thumbnail List’ widgets among the built-in modules (the left toolbar).

To choose files for the ‘Media Gallery Thumbnail List’, double click the module and create a separate content for the video gallery.

create flash website tutorial

You can choose video files from the Media Library, upload them from your computer or YouTube directly.

create flash website tutorial

Now you can adjust ‘Media Gallery Thumbnail List’ settings:

  • Enable/disable slideshow;
  • Border parameters;
  • Arrow settings (arrow background width, color and alpha, arrows color and alpha);
  • Mediaplayer skin (background and elements color and alpha, fonts, preload module);

Both the ‘Photo Gallery Preview’ and ‘Photo Gallery Thumbnail List’ widgets have the ‘Widget Connection ID’ field which is empty on default. To connect this two modules with each other, type some number in this field. You can choose any combination of numerals, but it should be identical for both widgets.

flash website tutorial

That’s it, the Flash template made without a professionals assistance is ready, and you can try it in action right now.

the final result of the flash website tutorial

You can also build a Flash website yourself and make sure that it’s as easy as ABC. Please express your opinion in the comments field below.

And don’t forget to look through wedding templates and photo gallery template powered by MotoCMS. We hope they will be right on the button.

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