Jan 13

PSDFAN Relaunches!

Thu, 01/13/2011 - 22:21 — julie

PSDFAN Version 4!

Huge news today PSDFANs! We’re officially launching version 4 of the blog. We’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on this version, which accounts for a slight slow in updates lately.

Rather than rave about how much I personally love the new design, I thought I’d show you exactly what’s new with the new design. We’ve included a lot of great new features, stripped away a lot of unnecessary stuff from the old design, and improved loads of existing features.

A Simpler, Cleaner Design

Well, perhaps most obviously, PSDFAN v4 comes with a super sleek new design. We decided to cut out all unnecessary content with this design, and really improve the user experience. The new simpler design should be far easier to browse, with less distractions, and a greater focus on content.

We decided to include less ad-zones, and scrap in post ads (we had some complaints about these overwhelming RSS feed content). We’ve also scrapped the user-link feed, which had been left unused for months. Also gone are the friend section, popular posts area (which no-one seemed to use!) and random images dotted around the layout.

You can see a comparison below of how much simpler the new design is:

The new design is not only much simpler, but loads far quicker than the old version!

Easier Browsing

We know that the content is why you’re here! That’s why we’ve made this design much easier to browse.

You can now browse easily by category and sub-category, via a clear drop down menu. It was much harder to reach a sub-categories within the old design. We’ve totally re-organized our navigational structure, making it much more suited towards our audience. For example, if you want to find a specific icon tutorial, you can just jump to icon tutorials in one click via the new menu.

We’ve also improved our search option, and categorized each post in more detail, making it easier to jump between related posts.

When viewing a category page you can easily browse posts according to date, and now also popularity! This easily lets you check out our most popular posts, within ANY category!

Threaded Comments

This may seem like a small improvement, but I really hope that threaded comments will help promote our great sense of community. This should encourage discussion among readers, and let me easily respond to each of you individually!

Threaded comments should allow for more discussions within posts.

Easily Jump Between Network Sites

As we’re expanding our network, we wanted it to be very easy to jump between the network blogs, creating a feeling of unison between all parts of the FanExtra network. You’ll notice that if you hover over ‘part of the FanExtra network’ next to our logo, you can easily jump to any site in our network. You’ll notice ‘BlogsFan’ in this list, which we’re very excited about, and is coming soon!

We’ve included a sleek slide down menu to help navigate around our expanding network. Gotta love that J-query! :)

Much Improved Content Styling

Personally when I read a blog one of the main things that makes me enjoy the experience is how well the content is laid out. I was aware of several issues with the old PSDFAN design (for example, we only had one type of heading, meaning that you couldn’t establish any kind of hierarchy whilst scanning posts).

In this new version we’ve used a larger font for the main content, which is far easier to read. We’ve also integrated better link styling, and a variety of heading sizes to help you scan posts easier. We’ll also be integrating various other content styling to help make our posts easier to read.

What Do You Think?

I’d absolutely love to hear what you guys think of the new design!

We’ll be fixing up a few minor final bugs over the next couple of days, so please bear with us. However, hopefully you’ll enjoy the new look as much as we do.

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