Jan 02

FanExtra Network Poll – Have Your Say!

Sun, 01/02/2011 - 18:15 — julie

What Members-Only Content Would You Like to See More Of?

With the new year underway we’re working hard to provide even better content on a weekly basis. We’re fully aware that tutorials are the favorite type of content at PSDFAN, which is why we’re bringing on board some more full time tutorial writers for the new year. With the upcoming relaunch of the blog you’ll see a lot of fantastic free content available on the blog!

However, we’re also keen to give our members the most possible value for their membership. We’ve been uploading a lot more tutorial source files, as well as dozens of high-quality, high-res vectors and icons for you all to enjoy. However, often the best way to provide what everyone wants is simply to ask! If you’re a member (or even if you’re not!) then please take a couple of seconds to let us know what members-content you’d most like to see in the new year!

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