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This Week at Envato—The Envato Podcast Gets Animated

Sat, 04/02/2011 - 00:40 — julie

This week at Envato we tried to fool you, animated our podcast, and launched a new AppStorm site. Lance joined the RIA Radio podcast team, and we dug an old photo out of the archives. Details after the jump!

Here are the highlights from Envato Notes this week:

April Fools Day

This week we celebrated April Fools Day, and apparently fooled quite a few of you—if only for a moment.

The Tuts+ team put together the Solid Gold Bundle, which is amazing value—”$0.50 worth of priceless files for just $960.” Files included empty Flash files ready for your next project, 1,500 versatile Cats in Hats images, an IE6 recommendation badge, a “Happy Collis Head” Photoshop brush set, and my personal favorite, an ebook called “How to Stand Oddly”. If you missed out on the bundle, it’s still available. For the next 14,000 days or so.

Here on Envato Notes Community Manager Jordan McNamara announced the future of the Envato marketplaces: the third dimension. 3D 3DOcean will be “the world’s first stereoscopic anaglyph online marketplace.” I love Jordan’s artwork, which had a lot of you reaching for your 3D glasses.

How did you celebrate April Fools Day? Which website or forum is responsible for your favorite prank? Let us know in the comments.

The Envato Podcast—Animated!

In an ambitious Activetuts+ Premium tutorial, Ian Yates has animated the beginning of the last Envato Podcast. And teaches you how it’s done. How long does it take? Ian confides, “You don’t want to know…”

Brilliant work, Ian! What will it take to talk you into animating all Envato Podcasts from now on?


This week saw the launch of our latest AppStorm site: iPad.AppStorm. It launched with a competition that received a lot of interest: “Spread the Word and Win an iPad 2!” The competition is still open, and the post has received a monstrous 2,215 comments so far!

So if you’re into iPads, check out the site today.

FlashDen 2006 in Sydney

Here is an old image from our Flickr photostream: FlashDen 2006 in Sydney. Pictured from left to right are Director Jun Rung, first dev Ryan Allen, with Cyan and Collis Ta’eed. 2006 really wasn’t that long ago, but Envato has come a long way since then.

And speaking of directors, look out for a new directors interview series coming out soon on Envato Notes.

Well, that’s it for another week. Have a great weekend.

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