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Introduction To Phantasm CS One Of The Best Illustrator plug-ins + Giveaway

Mon, 04/26/2010 - 03:00 — julie


A few months back I came across this fantastic plug-in called Phantasm CS. Theirs hundreds of great illustrator plug-ins but what makes Phantsam CS stand out from the crowd is its amazing features which it offers.

Image adjustment tool


The plug-in brings over one of Photoshop’s popular features among Photoshop users the image adjustment tool into the illustrator work environment. This plug-in saves so much time because the image adjustment tool allows you to easily change the colours within Illustrator vectors and embedded graphics. The colour image adjustments which can be made are levels, hue saturation, curves, desaturate and contrast/brightness all the adjustments which can be found in the Photoshop adjustment tool.

Below is jus at short screencast(video) showing the image adjustment tool in action.

Halftone tool


The feature which really appealed to me was the halftone feature which is a great tool, because it allows you to create a halftone vector effect using illustrator. The halftone effect can be used in so many ways the possibilities are endless from creating vectors to Photoshop brushes.

Phantasm CS plugin offers a range of features for Adobe Illustrator providing the following benefits:

  • Color adjustment tools (inc. Curves, Levels, Hue/Saturation) that works directly in an Illustrator document on all embedded vector objects and images
  • Creative tools including vector Halftones and Duotones
  • Print production previews including quick and full separations and ink coverage
  • Embedded image editing
  • Embedded image linking

The plug-in is pricey for a plug-in but considering how much time it will save you and considering the amount features which have been squeezed into this plug-in its worth the money. I’m not getting any sort of finical reward for writing this article it’s just a personal recommendation for any users who use illustrator quite frequently a tool which will defiantly come in handy in future design work.

Phastasm CS Prize Giveaway

I’ve been in touched with Phantasm and they have kindly agreed to giveaway two copies phantasm CS to two lucky winner.


How do you win a copy ?

How do you win a copy its very simple all what you need to is a leave a comment on why would you like to win a free copy of phantasm CS in the comments below. The winner will be contacted by email so be sure to leave a valid email.

The Competition Ends On The 1st Of May And The Winners Will be Contacted On 2nd Of May

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