May 20

How To Create Little Planets Using Photoshop

Thu, 05/20/2010 - 03:00 — julie

polaroid-tut-bannerA quick tip a design tutorial on how to how to create Polar Panoramas also know as little planets. The tutorial is in the form of a screencast making is super easy to follow along with the tutorial.

What we are going to be creating ?


Little planets polar panoramas are also know as polar panoramas, to achieve this simple unique effect its created from panoramic photos.

Tutorial details

Time Estimation: 3 to 6 mins

Difficulty: Beginner

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Examples of what can be created using the technique

Polaroid_0005_Layer 2 Polaroid_0006_Layer 1 Polaroid_0000_Layer 7 Polaroid_0001_Layer 6 Polaroid_0002_Layer 5 Polaroid_0003_Layer 4 Polaroid_0004_Layer 3

Did you enjoy the quick tip ?

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