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Which Crazy Comment Personality Type Do You Have?

Wed, 02/23/2011 - 09:41 — julie

Do you run a blog—for Envato or yourself? Have you ever slaved for hours over an article or tutorial? Do you put your heart and soul and countless hours into your writing? Then FreelanceSwitch have a series of articles just for you.

What is the scariest part of writing for the Web? Reading comments. They can make you smile. They can make you cry. They can make you Roll On The Floor Laughing.

Travis King has spent hours studying and describing the six craziest comment personality types, and he can spot them from a mile away. He himself has multiple-crazy-comment-personality disorder, though when I met him the other day you’d never tell by looking at him.

In summary, here are the commenters you need to watch out for:

  1. First! Freddy, who loves to let the world know that for once in his miserable existence he was first at something.
  2. Angry Andrew, who never has anything good to say.
  3. Grammar Gertie, who jumps into any article to tell you how many unforgivable grammar and spelling mistakes you have just made.
  4. Self-promotion Sammy, who—no matter how good a job you’ve done in writing your article—is there to tell you how much better he is than you.
  5. Research Ronnie, who is not only here to tell you where you’re wrong, but exactly how, when and why.
  6. Lurker Lou, who loyally reads every one of your articles but never leaves any trace behind.

Which type of commenter are you? And which type do you hate the most?

The great news is that Travis has not only described each crazy comment personality type in a lot more detail than I have here, he also tells you how to deal with each one. In helpful, insightful, humorous, foolproof detail. If that’s what you need, race over to FreelanceSwitch and check out the articles for yourself. You can find all three parts here:

On behalf of all writers and editors everywhere—thanks Travis!

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