Aug 23

A Week in Review N.02

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:29 — julie

After everything that went on last week, it has been really nice to settle back into a normal working week. Well, perhaps not quite normal, it’s our 8th birthday after all!

Envato Roundup

To celebrate our 8th Birthday, we gave all of our authors an entire day of 100% rates.
Also for our birthday, we redesiged the community badges.
If you would like to take a closer look at those gorgeous badges, Kate wrote about the design process.
You can meet Tuts+ Mananger David Appleyard, in this weeks episode of Envato Stories.
Oh, and this week our CEO Collis took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge
…and just because, here’s the super-slomo GIF version as well:

Super-Slomo Ice Bucket Challenge GIF
The Design Community

Steven Bradley wrote an insightful article on why people love and hate responsive design.
We found and shared 25 professionally designed SVG icon sets.
Michiel Heijmans went over a number of things you should take into account when changing your site structure.
Philippe Bernard asked and answered whether or not we actually need favicons, touch icons or tile icons.
Jason Melgoza demonstrated amazing UI ideas with a simple animated GIF.
Jeff Reifman, for Tuts+, showed us how to add a beautiful table of contents to WordPress posts.
Jake took a look at some of the latest responsive navigation trends.
Natasha Postolovski gave us an in-depth article on how freelancing is changing.
Brad Frost published a comprehensive article on designing an effective donate form.
Sara Soueidan defined how to make embedded SVGs cross-browser responsive.
Want to become a code champion? You had better take the CodeFights challenge then.
Ever wondered how much it costs to make an app? Apparently between $20,000-$50,000!

Resources Worth Exploring
Generate-GIF is a plugin for generating animated GIFs from a sequence of artboards.
Gridlover is a useful tool to help establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm.
GIF YouTube is a fantastic app that will generate a 10 second long GIF from any YouTube video.
Cool Social Buttons is a jQuery plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down.
Grav is a modern flat-file CMS.

…and finally…

How cool is this? RubiCSS, a Rubik's Cube made in HTML, JavaScript and CSS!

See you all next week

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