Oct 23

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Sat, 10/23/2010 - 09:32 — julie

And another week comes to a close. The year is flying by, and the weather is starting to warm up for us Australians. Even Melbourne had temperatures in the high 30°s this week. (That’s in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, guys!)

I’m starting to plan a brief holiday – my brain is telling me it needs a break, and hasn’t been as cooperative as usual. I’ve been traveling too much this year, so I think I’ll spend a few weeks at home, enjoy Australia’s lovely Gold Coast, and turn our jungle back into a lawn. Until then, there’s plenty to do!

How has your week been?

This Week’s Highlights

New Photos on the Flickr Stream

Collis put together a great collage of the Australian team this week. Which faces haven’t you seen before? Which faces are missing?

Click the image for the original (1600 x 1595) resolution photo. Is anyone game to use it as a wallpaper?

Watch Aetuts+ Editor Adam Everett Miller Fight a Girl

Audiotuts’ Jonah Guelzo got together with Aetuts’ Adam Miller and collaborated on an great Premium video (Recording Action SFX) recently. To demonstrate the action sound effects, Adam volunteered to use his Ninja martial arts skills to beat up a girl. Who won the fight? You decide.

Check out the action below. We start the video where the action is. If you’d like to see the whole thing, just rewind.

Webdesigntuts+ is Going Strong

Have you visited the most recent addition to Tuts+ yet? Editor Brandon Jones is doing a great job with Webdesigntuts+, and the site is already getting a lot of traffic.

If you haven’t had a chance to drop in yet, you might want to check out Brandon’s Basix article on design theory, Understanding the Z-Layout in Web Design. It’s clearly explained, and has lots of great examples if sites that do it well.

World Capslock Day

I have to confess – I missed World Capslock Day this week. Did you celebrate it? I know you guys and girls in the Melbourne office didn’t miss it. What did you do to celebrate?

I’ve never heard of World Capslock Day before, so I went searching, and found “The Self Proclaimed Official Home Page of Caps Lock Day” at www.capslockday.com. I didn’t learn much about World Capslock Day, but really enjoyed looking at the page. It’s a great laugh.

Brandon would be the first to point out that it doesn’t follow a Z-layout. Better analysts than me can work out which layout scheme it does use – if any.

I love its dark red textured background, its judicious use of capital letters (which is quite appropriate when you think about it), the use of eight large identical photos of a capslock turned on (and another eight repeated at the bottom of the page), and the very genrerous use of animated GIFs. The creative spelling was also very entertaining (e.g. “TWITTAR”).

On April Fool’s Day this year we announced a new Tuts+ site – GIFtuts+. Once that site gets off the ground, I think we could dedicate a whole series of tutorials to www.capslockday.com.

And if anyone more knowledgeable than I would like to explain what World Capslock Day is actually about, please fill us in in the comments.


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