Oct 01

This Week at Envato

Fri, 10/01/2010 - 13:48 — julie

What a great way to finish a week and start a new month – new rates for marketplace authors. From the sound of it, we have a lot of people very excited!

It’s great to be back in warm, sunny Queensland. It’s amazing how much warmer it gets even just a few hours north of Melbourne. It’s nice to be back at my own desk, and a chair that doesn’t tilt forward.

This Week’s Highlights

Give This Photo A Caption

The whole Aussie team are back from Chicago, and I’m sure the Melbourne office has now returned to normal. And this photo of Collis proves it.

Photographer Aaron Osteraas doesn’t really know what to make of the shot. In his own words, “If a picture says a thousand words, then I’m not sure what this says.”

Perhaps you’d like to help him. Suggest a caption for the title in the comments.

Jeffrey Way Has A Taste Test

Tuts+ developer Ryan Allen loves Vegemite and uses Vim – the editor real programmers use if they’re not man enough for Emacs. Jeffrey Way (from CodeCanyon and Nettuts+) wondered what he’s missing out on, and is giving both a taste test.

Most of you witnessed him tasting Vegemite earlier in the week. But what does he think of Vim?

To find out, head over to Nettuts+ and check out his new Premium series. He’s been trying it for two weeks so far:

Here’s a quote from the intro:

Some say it’s a decade-old piece of junk; others widely consider it to be the best code editor available. I’m on a quest to find out for myself. So, for four weeks (and four screencasts to track my progress), I will use nothing but Vim.

How is it going so far, Jeffrey? Enjoy the final two weeks. And thanks for being such a good sport by allowing us to post your Vegemite video.

Do you use Vim? Emacs? Textmate? Notepad? Let us know in the comments. And while you’re at it, tell us what you think of Vegemite, too.

Lunch in Melbourne

Lunch today was at the Pancake Dessert House for Chinese. Here are some photos of the meals – fried rice and wonton soup. I wish we had a photo of Aaron eating – for the last few week’s he’s been using chopsticks left-handed after fracturing his right hand. He keeps the cleaning staff at the restaurant employed. What did you have for lunch?

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