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This Week at Envato – How Wet Can a MacBook Get?

Fri, 12/03/2010 - 09:00 — julie

Well, I’m just finishing my first week back at work after a holiday. It has been a great week, and the time has flown. How has your week been?

One thing that has made this a productive week is that during my holiday we rearranged our bedroom situation, freeing one up so now I have a home office in a room with a door that closes. It’s one of the benefits of kids growing up and leaving the nest. Previously I worked in a multi-purpose room that also served as a loungeroom and bedroom. It felt like I lived a life-sentence in that room, and couldn’t escape. ;)

This week there has been a helpful boundary between work and the rest of life – my office is on the opposite side of the house to where I spend the rest of my time. And I found I could focus a lot better when working. Whenever I enter this little room and close the door, I know there’s only one thing I’m going to do – work. And I’m not getting out until I finish.

Do you have a home office? Do you have any hints or tips for me? Thanks!

Branding your marketplace profile

When a prospective buyer visits your Envato marketplace profile, you want them to feel you’re a professional, and that you care. Unless you put some time and effort into branding your profile, it will have the opposite effect.

This week, CodeCanyon superhero Jeffrey Way put together a helpful screencast to show you how to do just that. Thanks Jeffrey!


We have two competitions running at the moment. Are you up to the challenge, or hungry enough for the prizes?

First is the Tuts+ Marketplace Tutorial Competition. The biggest prize here is a huge $1500 in cash (shared between the first three places), which is always helpful. And there are plenty of geeky goodies to go with the money. To win, you have to write an awesome tutorial about how you create your marketplace items.

Secondly, GraphicRiver are running a competition to celebrate their new Web Elements category. The big prize here is a Wacom tablet, accompanied by a long list of other desirables. To win, just submit the best Web Element you can to the new category.

Best of luck to everyone entering. For more details, click the links above.

From the “We Are Envato” Flickr stream

Photos from the Chicago meetup are still making their way to our Flickr stream. What caption would you give this one?

Amazing race

Twitter consolidation

Consolidation is a pretty good word. I’m hoping one day to use it on a triple word square in Scrabble, preferably right near the end of the game. It’s also what we’re doing with our Twitter accounts right now. If you haven’t already noticed, stay tuned to your favorite Envato site.

In the past, if you were interested in a certain area – let’s say Flash – you’d have a few Twitter accounts to keep track of. There was the marketplace feed (@activeden) and the Tuts+ feed (@activetuts). Both accounts were managed by different people who often tweeted similar material. Consolidating them just makes sense. And we’re not just merging marketplace and Tuts+ accounts – you’ll also receive relevant tweets from Creattica and the FreelanceSwitch Job Board. The new channel if you’re into Flash is @envatoactive.

Make sense? Simpler? Better? Check your favorite site for details.

How wet can a MacBook Pro get?

Aaron Osteraas (Oz), our Tuts+ Associate Manager, is still a relatively new convert to the world of Apple. (Though he’s still holding out with his Android-powered HTC Desire phone.) As part of his ongoing tests to determine just how superior Apple products are, today he spilled a glass of water all over his MacBook Pro. I haven’t heard the latest prognosis, but I hope it survives.

In case you are unsure of what to do when you’re in the same situation, Jordan McNamara made a video of Oz doing the drying (in the toilet!). The expression on his face is a lot less panicked than I expected. Enjoy!

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