Sep 03

This Week at Envato

Fri, 09/03/2010 - 13:03 — julie

This Week’s Highlights from Envato Notes

It’s been another big week at Envato! In a nutshell, here’s what happened :

What’s Happening in the Melbourne Office

This week many of the staff in Melbourne have been excitedly getting ready for the big trip to the US for the Chicago meet-up. Next week will be very quiet in our head office!

Jordan McNamara, our Support and Community Manager, left a few days ago. He’s taking his work on the road for a few months, visiting the States and then Europe. We’ll hear about his adventures in the near future.

What does every office with a pool table need? A pool cue holder! Here is the newest addition to the office:

Here at Envato Notes we answer the big questions: Mac or Windows? What do we use at Envato? I’ll let you do the counting to discover which is more popular!

Finally, we show you where the developers get their strength and motivation to keep on going. I love visiting the Melbourne office.

New Photos on the Flickr Stream

We’ve updated the “We Are Envato” Flickr stream again. Here Tuts+ Manager Aaron Osteraas (Oz) shows off his new art-deco Danelectro bass guitar, accompanied by developer and keyboard maestro Ryan Allen.

Lunch in Melbourne

I don’t know what they ate for lunch in Melbourne today – I imagine they’re all so busy preparing to fly over to the States that they forgot to eat. I ate a small McDonalds meal while on hold on the phone with a large Australian telecommunications company. What did you have for lunch today?

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