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Thursday Theory: 6 Ways to Make Your Work More Original

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:44 — julie

Thursday Theory: 6 Ways to Make Your Work More Original

Originality is something to be cherished when it comes to graphic design, and truly original work can really stand out in the industry. Far too many designers are following trends rather than setting them. I’ve touched on the merits of originality in previous Thursday Theory posts, but today I’ll be discussing some practical ways to make your own work more original.

1: Take Your Own Photography (Or Use Premium Stock Images)

Within the Photoshop community I see a lot of the same stock images being used over and over, and there’s nothing that can turn off your audience quicker than thinking ‘I’ve seen that photo before!’. If you’re trying to set yourself apart and impress your viewers then it isn’t a great idea to base your work on a really overused photograph.

One great solution is to take your own photos and integrate them into your work. This has several benefits:

  • The obvious benefit is that your photo will be totally unique, making your work more original.
  • You can construct your photo-shoot to be perfect for your composition. The fact that you can control the subject, lighting etc… means that you can hopefully achieve a photo much more specific for your needs than any stock website.

There are some limitations with taking your own photographs of course. You won’t always be able to find the correct subject (for example a hot climate if you live in a cold one..), and you may not have the skills or equipment to achieve usable results.

If this is the case, then I would recommend using a premium stock website. The reason that many photos are overused is because there aren’t all that many high-quality free images out there. This means that if there’s a great free shot of say, a woman jumping up in the air, then this will naturally be snapped up by all the Photoshop gurus out there. By using a premium stock website you generally receive a better quality of image, but also a less-used one. Many designers aren’t willing to pay even a little for great shots, so you can stand out from the crowd by integrating some premium-quality shots into your work, for just a few dollars!

2: Create Your Own Textures, Rather Than Using Stock Photography

Textures are a huge part of graphic design, and are clearly very useful. However, just like photography, the same textures can be seen being used over and over in various designs. A great solution is to try and create your own custom made textures when possible. There are lots of great tutorials to help you achieve your own textures, and this adds a really personal touch to your work!

40 Tutorials to Create Your Own Photoshop Textures

This great post lists a terrific range of Photoshop tutorials to create your own custom textures. These range from grass, to stone, to paper and wood, everything you need!

3: Draw Inspiration From Personal Experiences

Personal experiences in your life are by definition personal. This makes them very often unique, and specific to you! Personal experiences have inspired thousands of rock songs, so why not let them inspire your next graphic design project? If you’ve suffered a break up, recently got a promotion, been hurt, laughed all night with friends… all these things can help inspire your Photoshop designs. Try to translate the moods and experiences from your life into a visual medium, and the personal connection should help you inject more passion and personality into your compositions.

Another personal inspiration can be memories and nostalgia. Don’t just use your daily routine to inspire you, try and think back to your most defining moments and important events in your life.

4: Hone Your Own Style

As your continue down your path as a designer you’ll notice a personal style developing in your work. It’s important to embrace this, and try and create cohesion throughout all your works. Of course you should be trying new techniques and styles all the time. However, with the best designers you can often tell who designed their work, even without seeing a name. The little quirks, and idiosyncrasies within your work is what makes it so special and personal to you, so try to recognize these traits and encourage them in your future works!

5: Design For Yourself

When designing it can be all too easy to start designing for your audience, rather than yourself. You should never be designing to achieve popularity or peer approval. Just because a certain lighting effect is trending right now, this isn’t a good reason to integrate it into your work. Designing (unless for a client) should be an insular activity, where you are designing to impress YOU! It’s the classic example of being a trend setter rather than a trend follower.

If you’re happy with your own work that’s fantastic, and if others appreciate it too that’s a great bonus.

6: Think Outside of the Box

Your work should never be predictable or dull. By thinking outside of the box, or pushing your boundaries you can often come up with much more original, insightful work. Try thinking outside of the box in terms of composition, subject matter, message etc… Don’t be afraid to shock. You may upset a few people along the way, but it’s a great learning curve to go beyond what feels comfortable for you. Experiment with various mediums and styles, and constantly look to further your skills.

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