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Some Useful Resources to Help Promote Your Themes & Templates

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One of the big advantages of selling your items on Envato Market is that with 5 million community members you can get your item in front of a lot of potential buyers. But being a successful marketplace, there will be a lot of authors that are all trying to do the same. Promoting your content properly through the various channels available to you can help you push more sales for your item.

So with promotion in mind, today I would like to share some actionable tips and resources to help promote your marketplace items, that will hopefully help you gain more sales.

Marketing Wisdom: ‘In the real world nothing markets itself.’ Nothing.

For Templates or Themes with Great Design

If you have a product with exceptional design, reach out to these sites who will showcase your work to their visitors. Some of these folks have a huge reach and if featured, can drive a lot of visitors to your item.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what some of the top design trends actually are, you should have a look through the inspirations and trends section on the Market Blog.


Awwwards recognizes and promotes the talent and effort of developer
s, designers and web agencies. They are quite popular and have over 2 million unique visitors every month.



The Favourite Website Awards recognizes and promotes the best in cutting edge website design.



CSSDA honors and showcases some great examples of holistic web design from top web designers.


The Best DesignsSubmit

The Best Designs is a site dedicated to showcasing the best of web design from around the world.


Unmatched StyleSubmit

Unmatched Style aims to provide inspiration, motivation and insight into how you design the web. They don’t usually feature themes, but they have made exceptions in the past for truly amazing ones.


For Items Using a Specific Design

Whenever there is a new trend in web design, you can usually see a lot of inspirational gallery sites and list posts on design blogs. So getting some free publicity for templates or themes that uses these trends is usually quite easy.


MaterialUp curates the best of Material Design inspiration, tools and freebies. Get your daily dose of Material design inspiration!


Material Design BlogSubmit

Material Design Blog brings you daily material design inspiration & examples from web designers & developers.


One Page LoveSubmit

One Page Love is a one page website design gallery showcasing the best single page website designs from around the web.


One Page ManiaSubmit

One Page Mania is a gallery of one page websites.


Flat UI DesignSubmit

Flat UI Design is a showcase of the best examples of the flat UI design aesthetic on the web.


Flat Design GallerySubmit

Flat Design Trendz is a design gallery and showcase of the best flat UI websites for your inspiration.


Flat UISubmit

Find some truly inspirational example of flat design on Flat UI


Media QueriesSubmit

Media Queries offers a collection of websites that look great on any device.


Responsive ShowcaseSubmit

Responsive Showcase is, as the it’s name states, a gallery of responsive websites.


Responsive DeckSubmit

Similar to Media Queries above, Responsive Deck offers collection of beautifully designed responsive sites, and also has a dedicated section for WordPress themes.


PRO TIP: Whether you are offering full screen themes or themes with video backgrounds, look for staff run collections on the marketplace. These can help your items get noticed.

For Items Using a Specific Technology

You can reach-out to inspiration galleries that showcases designs by technology or frameworks used. So if you have a Zurb Foundation theme or templates built with Bootstrap, material design inspired themes this strategy can work well for you.

Adobe Muse Site of the DaySubmit

Adobe Muse Site of the Day is a gallery that showcases websites built with Adobe Muse.


Zurb ResponsiveSubmit

Zurb Responsive is a gallery of responsive sites currated by ZURB.


Bootstrap ExpoSubmit

Bootstrap Expo is a showcase of websites using the Bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap Expo

Built With BootstrapSubmit

Built With Bootstrap is a showcase of sites and apps built with Bootstrap.



Snipplicious Explore the amazing bootstrap snippets in one place!


We Love WPSubmit

WeLoveWP is a WordPress theme design showcase website.



WPLift is a blog that regularly publishes theme roundups, plugin guides and general WordPress news.



WPKube is a WordPress resource site that provides WordPress themes, plugins, tutorials, news and reviews.


Tidy RepoSubmit

Tidy Repo is a curated collection of the best WordPress plugins, tested and reviewed for reliability.



jQueryRain is a website dedicated to highlighting the best jQuery snippets and plugins.


Social Networks for Designers

Designers are lucky in that they have a variety of influential social networks dedicated towards them. Being an active participant on these networks is a great way to promote your work and also get feedback from other designers.


Dribbble is a show and tell website for designers. It is a place to ‘showcase, promote, discover, and explore design’.



Behance allows you to showcase and discover the latest design work by like-minded creative professionals.



deviantART is a community site dedicated to all types of art.


PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the @Envato and @EnvatoMarket Twitter feeds, to see what collections we are promoting.


Twibfy is a creative space where you can share what inspires you.



Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.


General Ideas to Promote Your Items

Partner up and cross promote

There are a lot of talented folks on the marketplace, you could join forces with each other to cross promote each others items. Authors on VideoHive and AudioJungle often do this and it’s great strategy all authors should consider adopting.

Adding Awesomesauce Easter Egg to Your Work

Hmmm… this is a hard one, only your creativity can guide you here, but I can give you a few examples to inspire you. Some of the most popular website Easter eggs are activated by the popular Konami Code (just type in : ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → BA), and konamicodesites.com is a website dedicated to showcasing sites that makes use of this Easter egg. Tom McFarlin has a jQuery plugin that you can use to run the Konami Code on your own website.

Note: It’s a good idea to offer an easy way to disable an Easter egg, not all users would appreciate it.

Other notable examples are type ‘dance’ on Wistia’s team page and you should also take a look at the multitude of Easter Eggs from Google. This can be a great strategy for free press for your item.

You can also use Google to find various websites for promoting your item. For example Material Design should get a lot of attention from blog posts and design galleries covering this trend.

You can do a Google search for Material Design Website Gallery, Best Material Design Website Posts, etc to get a list of websites you can contact to showcase your design.

Here are some bookmarklets you can use to quickly perform these searches. Just drag and drop these buttons up to your bookmark bar:

Find Galleries Find Recent Blog Posts

You can try this with different keyword combinations like “parallax showcase”, “best parallax sites”, “top parallax websites”, “parallax web designs”, etc.



I do hope you find these resources to be useful and hopefully you have picked up a few tips to help promote your items. If you have any questions, feel free to add them in the comments section below and I will try and answer them for you.

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