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Quick Tip: Creating A Letter Pressed Text Effect

Mon, 09/14/2009 - 03:00 — julie


A quick tutorial on how to create a letter pressed text effect using Photoshop by simply just applying different various Photoshop styles. The Tutorial is broken down into simple steps or alternately you can follow the short but sweet screen cast.

Video Screen Cast Of The Tutorial

The Tutorial also comes with a video screen cast to compliment the text and image tutorial, the sound quality is not the best but the screen cast tutorial is short clear and very easy to follow.

1. Create New Photoshop Document

First we are going to start off by opening up Photoshop, then selecting File> New. A new window will then open, we want to set the width to 800px and the height to 600px and then select the OK button.


2. Changing the foreground colour

2. Once the new blank canvas has opened up we then want to add some colour to the background canvas. We’re going to do this by selecting the “Set Foreground Color” from the Photoshop tools menu. This will then open up the color picker, we then want to change the colour to #A3A2A2 which is a light shade of grey. Then once finished select the OK button.


3. Changing the text size, colour and font

3. Next select the “Type Tool” and change the text size to 90pt. Next we want to choose a font which we would like to be letter pressed, the font which we are going to choose is “Futura Hv”.


Ensure that the type tool has been selected and click on canvas and type in some random text such as Creative Nerds. Then highlight the text and change it to a dark grey a good dark grey is #606060. changeing-text-colour

4. Adding layer styles to the text

4. Go to the side bar on the right of the layers panel and right click on the text layer and choose the option ” blending options” from the drop down menu.blending-options

5. Adding a drop shadow

Select the blending options Drop Shadow change the blending mode to normal, set the shadow colour to white(fff), the opacity: 41%, angle: 120, distance: 1, spread: 0, and size: 0


6. Adding A Inner shadow

6. Once that’s done select inner shadow. Set the blend mode: multiply, opacity: 52%, angle: 120, distance: 2, size: 3, And noise 0.inner-shadow

7. Adding A Gradient Overlay

7. Last but not least select the gradient overlay keep the default settings and just change the opacity to 15% and then select the OK button. gradient-overlay

That’s the end of the quick tip. You have now created a letter pressed text effect using Photoshop. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts about it. end-result

The source files for the tutorial are available to download alongside with the a copy of the screen cast.


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