Sep 30

PSDFAN And SnobbySlice Now Offer Coding!

Wed, 09/30/2009 - 19:23 — julie

First Things First

I don’t want to start this post on a negative note, but I feel that I owe you guys an explanation as to where I’ve been these last two weeks. Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances posting has been near impossible for the past fortnight. I’ve had no internet in my new place due to the phone company being incredibly slow, and to add to this I’ve caught the flu (no not swine)! As a result I’ve been lying on the sofa trying to recover, rather than being able to publish all of the great tutorials that I’ve got lined up for the awesome community here.

Now The Real News!

Now to the news that I’m really excited about. I’m happy to announce that PSDFAN now offer a great coding service, after teaming up with industry leaders SnobbySlice.

You can view the service here.

snob PSDFAN And SnobbySlice Now Offer Coding!

I know a lot of people who have worked with SnobbySlice in the past, and I also know why they are considered one of the best coding services in the world. They offer flexible requirements, fast turnaround times, and great customer service. Furthermore, they offer a range of services from Wordpress to Myspace pages, and of course regular XHTML pages, with standards compliant coding.

After discussing things with Tyler, the owner of SnobbySlice, we decided that a partnership would allow me to bring this awesome service to the fantastic community here at PSDFAN. I know from experience that many designers simply don’t know how to code well (I’m one of them!). Therefore, I thought that many of you may find this service useful, and best of all trustworthy, as it comes with my full recommendation.

You can order your coding job here!

Please let me know how you find the service, and I’ll be doing everything I can do help provide you guys with great results.

Upcoming Content

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I am unfortunately ill at the moment. However, I’m on the road to recovery, and have some really great content lined up for PSDFAN. You can look forward to some awesome tutorials (I know there haven’t been enough of these lately), inspirational posts, and interviews with top designers. Stay tuned!

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