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Meet the Staff: The Nettuts+ Team

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 16:00 — julie

Vim, user interface dabbling, jQuery and the semantic web. This week we meet the Nettuts+ team. This post is taken from the site’s Meet the Team page on the site.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that actual human beings create the content here on Nettuts+. We are in fact real people, and not tutorial creating bots! In addition to numerous part time contributors, we have a team of talented and passionate designers and developers.

Browse this page to get to know us better and feel free to say hi on Twitter or on Facebook. Also, if you would like to contribute content to the site you can learn more information on our Submission Page.

Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey is the editor of Nettuts+, and, apparently, enjoys writing in the third person. He frequently preaches the gospel of Vim, and spends his free time riding horses on the beach…right in the surf. But like a real cowboy. Not that side-saddle stuff.

He’s also written a few books, and helps out on the Envato marketplaces, but you don’t really care about that stuff. What you’re really asking yourself, guys, is, “is he single?” The correct answer is, “depends on what you have in your pocket.” And yes, the double entendre was intentional. Now the official answer is that I’m happily engaged to my wife in training, Allison. But don’t let that deter you from stopping by Nettuts+ from time to time to say hello. You might even learn a thing or two!


Hello, I’m Siddharth. I like to introduce myself as “the web guy” to people because I primarily work with web technologies. I am a regular author and assistant Editor on Nettuts+, and run a small consultancy called Bodhi Labs. You can find my site/portfolio here. I generally tend to dabble in prototyping user interfaces, front end development and integrating/optimizing prebuilt solutions like WordPress, Magento and Expression Engine.

My hobbies include Chess, minimal weight training, video games and medium length jogs. I really love The Big Bang Theory, House and Chuck amongst the current shows with Frasier being my all time favorite.

PS – I wasn’t kidding about the web guy part. You can find photographs of my business cards here!

Andrew Burgess

Hi! I’m Andrew Burgess, a Staff Writer here on Nettuts+. I’ve been hanging around the Nettuts+ since early 2009; I discovered the site when I was looking for an introduction to jQuery (which was actually on ThemeForest, but linked to Nettuts+). Since discovering the site, my web development skills have skyrocketed; I think that’s the default experience! Now, I’ve been writing for Nettuts+ regularly for over almost a year and a half. I’m also the Web Development Reviewer for the Tuts+ Marketplace.

I’ve been working with the computers since I was pretty young, and with the web since 2006. I’ve dabbled with over a dozen programming languages, but I’m most comfortable in JavaScript and Ruby. Currently, I’m a university student, studying computer science.

Apart from the web stuff, I love writing in general, and have been writing for almost my entire life. I also enjoy spending time with my family, hiking and doing other stuff; I’m still living at home and have nine younger siblings.

Jeremy McPeak

Jeremy McPeak is a self-taught programmer who began his career by tinkering with websites in 1998. He is the coauthor of Professional Ajax, Second Edition (Wiley, 2007) and Beginning JavaScript, Fourth Edition (Wiley, 2009). He is currently employed by an oil and gas company building in-house conventional and web applications. His website is located at http://www.wdonline.com.

Dan Harper

Dan is passionate about an open, semantic web and loves playing around with the latest bleeding-edge technologies in our industry. He works mostly in PHP, but wishes he only had the time/job to pick up Rails fully. He’s currently studying Web Technologies at the University of Portsmouth and is seeking a company to work with for his placement year.

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