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Make Awesome How-To Videos

Fri, 03/16/2012 - 09:30 — julie

If you have been keeping up to date with recent posts such as 5 tips to give your buyers a great experience you may be interested in making an awesome how-to video for your items.

How-to videos are simply awesome and when done well, can increase sales and minimize your support requests. We’ve asked around and compiled 5 great tips to make sure your how-to videos live up to expectations.

5 tips to making awesome how-to videos:

1) Get started:

The most important part of your video is getting your message across. To do this you need an attractive and easy to follow video as well as clear and easy to understand instructions.

There are many great programs you can use to make a good how-to video, you’ve just got to find one that works for you. Screenr is a simple and easy program to use if you are starting out and creates a great finished product.

Sound quality is important. You don’t need to spend mega bucks but I suggest against using an inbuilt mic. There are many USB microphone options that produce good sound, we use a Blue Snowball in the Envato office. Remember the quality of your video matters, clear audio and video will help customers learn quickly and keep them happy.

2) Embrace the Possibilities

This is your chance to really show customers how to use your product. Personalise your video, use it as a way to connect with your customers and turn a simple how-to video into an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

3) Be a perfectionist

Make sure you edit your video properly making it as professional as you can. Remember, the quality of everything you produce will reflect on your products and brand. Get a friend to watch your video when you have finished and act on any feedback and criticism they offer.

4) Write a good script

Write a good script for your video. Remember that your customers may not have as much experience as you, so make your instructions clear and easy to follow. Use a clear and concise voice and make sure not to patronise your viewers. (There is nothing worse).

5) Not just a video

If you are making a how-to video the rest of your documents should be perfect. Remember that a video is not a replacement for your help documents. The video should be there to supplement and lend an extra element to your already perfect help documents.

We hope these tips have inspired you to get started on your own how-to video. If you need more information, Jeffrey Way will be releasing a tutorial to help you “screen cast like a pro” in the next few months, so stay tuned!

Thanks to sevenspark for helping me write this post.

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