Aug 04

Important Change to the WordPress License Takes Effect Today! Please Read.

Tue, 08/04/2009 - 07:30 — julie

Last month, I notified you all that, to better preserve the spirit of WordPress, beginning August 4th, WP themes will be sold with two licenses: all WP code will come with a GPL license, which allow for redistribution; the remaining HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, and images, luckily, will still retain our standard license.

Do I Need to Change Anything When Uploading New Items?

Yes. When you upload your “Main” zip file (the folder that contains all of your theme files, images, and help documentation zipped up), you’ll need to create a new directory within the root and call it “Licensing.” Within this folder, include the GPL license – which can be downloaded here.

You will need to do this for EVERY new WordPress template submission. If you fail to do so, the reviewer will soft-reject your item.

What About My Currently Selling Items? Do I Need to Update Them?

No – we’ll take care of that for you!


  • GPL: All PHP code containing WordPress functionality will be sold with a GPL license. With this license, buyers will be free to modify and/or redistribute the files as they wish.
  • Standard License: Don’t worry, authors. To protect your templates, all CSS, JavaScripts, and images will still be bound by our standard license.

Layman’s Terms, Please.

Properly selling WordPress themes can be a bit tricky. According to WordPress policy, all PHP files (with WP code) must be distributed with a GPL license. As you can imagine, this puts us, and our authors, at a disadvantage. How can you profit from your themes if any buyer is within his rights to redistribute your theme as he sees fit?

Luckily, our authors shouldn’t worry. Only the PHP will come with the GPL license. Your images, stylesheets, and JavaScripts will still hold our standard license – which forbids buyers from redistribution.

Cliffnotes Version

  • We’re moving to a ThemeForest/GPL license for all new WordPress items starting today.
  • All new WP submissions MUST include this license. You can download it, and place it in a “Licensing” folder, within your “Main” zip file, here.
Licensing Folder

If you have any comments, just leave a comment and let us know! Thanks, everyone.

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