Oct 19

Help Shape Our Network

Fri, 10/19/2012 - 20:43 — julie

Help Shape Our Network

Big news guys!

We’re making big changes at our network. You may have noticed we’ve been pretty busy with our new site MyDesignDeals (which is going amazingly by the way!). However, now MyDesignDeals is up and running smoothly, we’re turning our attentions back to FanExtra big time.

We’ve got some incredibly new features lined up, as well as awesome Photoshop content for you all.

Before we reveal all of that though, we’d really like your help. You see, we’ve always based our content on what you’ve wanted to see most, and it’s what’s allowed us to grow into such a popular blog and have one of the best design communities out there. As we continue to expand we need your help. We need to know the exact types of content that you’re interested in. I’m not just talking tutorials, but also various mediums such as video and webinars. We’re ready to push forward, but we’d like to offer you exactly what you need the most.

Please click here, or click the image below to fill out our brief survey.

Click Here to Access the FanExtra Survey

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