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Brackets 1.0 Has Finally been Released – We Love It!

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 20:11 — julie

Web designers and developers within our Envato Market community, including some of our Elite authors who have sold in excess of $500,000-worth of Web templates and WordPress themes, have overwhelmingly given Adobe Brackets a huge thumbs up!

“I’ve been using it since forever and I love it.”


What is Brackets?

Brackets is an open source text editor created by Adobe and written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s described by Adobe as “a modern, open source text editor that understands web design.” And they’re not wrong!



Some of the most asked-for features in a text/code editor are included with Brackets. Things like, a real-time live preview which updates your rendered preview in the browser as you type, code, and edit.

Also, an inline editor that allows you to quickly edit selector tags within HTML by leveraging the specific section of a CSS file without leaving the HTML document.

“After the first 4 hours of working with it, it was basically love at first type! The live preview is beyond doubt KING of every other code editor on the planet. This helps me so much when placing elements on the DOM. Literally, backspace, new value, backspace, new value, voila, it’s there! No more refreshes and alt tabs! Amazing!


Brackets received quite a lot of attention this past week as it was officially removed from beta having reached a 1.0 release.

We asked users of Brackets within our community what they thought about Adobe’s code editor, and I’ll share some of their thoughts throughout this article.

“I have been using Brackets for a while now, it’s perfect in my opinion. Feature rich, beautiful interface, and it has a lot of available plugins. For me, the design was the first big catch – I like my editors to look nice . The sidebar and easy navigation between folders/open files was another big catch. Far better than Notepad++ and Sublime in my opinion.”




Another favorite element of Brackets for users is how extensible it is. Hundreds of extensions have been created by the avid Brackets community and are available via the Brackets Registry. There are many useful and time-saving extensions, from custom themes to color pickers and from HTML Skeleton (HTMl element/document builder) to Lorem Pixel (dynamic placeholder images).

One particular extension that is super useful is (Zen Coding) which facilitates ultra fast coding via easy to remember snippets. Here’s a walkthrough from Adobe developer Raymond Camden:

Extract for Brackets

Included in the 1.0 release of Adobe Brackets is something called Extract for Brackets (Preview). This helps pull design information like colors, fonts, and measurement info out of a Photoshop PSD file quickly and easily, and turns it into clean, minimal CSS.

I asked jonathon01 what he liked best about Brackets:

“Free. Simple interface. Extendable. Does exactly what I need in a light and fast package.”


Constructive Criticism

Although the feedback and opinions of our authors was overwhelmingly positive, there was some constructive critcism that users were hoping Adobe might address in the near future, particularly about speed and performance:

“Been using Brackets on and off for a while now, sadly v1 hasnt really resolved any of the speed issues when using it for heavy files but for the most part, I’d fully recommend any one to give it a shot as its incredibly feature-packed!”


“It’s amazing for HTML + CSS, especially the ‘Quick Edit’ , but quite slow with bigger projects, even for a WordPress theme it’s a lot slower than ST2, and the ‘Quick Edit’ doesn’t work so good.”


Tell us What your Favorite Text Editor Is


So much love shown for Adobe Brackets, but there’s a profusion of other great text editors out there for the web development community.

We’ve listed some of the most popular text editors in an online poll to find out what everyone is using. What do you use? Vote now in our online poll:

Find out more about Brackets

For more information on Adobe Brackets and to get up-and-running as quickly as possible, see our Adobe Brackets tutorial on our sister site, Tuts+:

Watch “Introduction to Brackets” on Tuts+

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