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Basic Tutorial: Create a Stylized Valentines Poster

Mon, 02/14/2011 - 21:52 — julie

Basic Tutorial: Create a Stylized Valentines Poster

Today we’re going to create a simple, stylized Valentines Day poster. This tutorial is specifically aimed at Photoshop beginners, yet shows how some really basic techniques and composition can lead to some really stylish results!

Have a great Valentine’s day everyone :) .

Final Image

Here is a preview of the image that we are going to be creating:

Step 1

Start by creating a document that’s 600X650px. Paste in your crumpled paper texture.

Step 2

Now apply a color overlay blending option to your texture background layer.

Color Overlay Settings:

Blend Mode: Normal
Color: ba0000
Opacity: 80%

Step 3

Now create a new layer called ‘highlight’.

Drag out a white to transparent radial gradient in the bottom-center of your canvas. Then change this layer’s blend mode to ‘overlay’.

Step 4

Now paste in your photo of a romantic couple. Cut out the couple using the pen tool:

Step 5

Now to give your poster a more stylized effect, apply a color overlay blending option to your couples layer:

Color Overlay Settings:

Blend Mode: Normal
Color: 000000
Opacity: 60%

Step 6

Now duplicate your couples layer.

Then go to edit>transform>flip vertical and move the flipped couple beneath your main couple.

Then go to filter>blur>gaussian blur and apply a 3.5px strength gaussian blur. Call this layer ‘couple shadow’.

Now reduce your shadow layer’s opacity to 50%.

Step 7

Now create a new layer beneath your couples layer called ‘line’. Use your path tool to create a bendy line stemming up from between your couple.

Now select a 1px black paintbrush (100% hardness). Select your path tool again, and right click on your path. Select ‘stroke path’ to create a bendy 1px line:

Step 8

Now download your heart splatter brush set.

Apply your brush as white, 197px.

If needed click several times for a bolder effect. Then if you’d like to make it slightly sharper go to filter>sharpen>sharpen.

Step 9

Now apply a white outer glow blending option to your heart layer:

Outer Glow Blending Option Settings:

Blend Mode: Overlay
Opacity: 100%
Color: ffffff
Spread: 0%
Size: 10px

Step 10

Now type out the word ‘LOVE’ on a new top layer.

Font Settings:

Font Face: DejaWeb
Color: ffffff
Size: 240pt
Kerning: -50

Then reduce this layer’s opacity to 20%, and change the blend mode to ‘overlay’.

And We’re Done!

You can view the final outcome below. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to hear your feedback on the techniques and outcome.

Download Source File for this Tutorial

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