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All of the BAD Articles in the Envato Network

Thu, 10/15/2009 - 21:13 — julie

It’s Blog Action Day! Considering the fact that Envato created this wonderful event, it’s only appropriate that all of the sites in our network participate as much as possible! Here’s a list of all of our BAD related postings today!

This post is part of Blog Action Day 2009, a worldwide initiative started by Envato founders Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, now being run by Change.org. Blog Action Day exists to change the conversation on the web for one day by uniting thousands of bloggers around one important issue – this year, Climate Change. It’s not too late to register your blog and participate.

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Blog Action Day: A Greener Music Industry

Archangel Green is the first ever UK Record Label fully committed to a greener music industry. Their studio is powered by a green tariff provider, and when band “The Phoenix Rose” signed to the label they both agreed to numerous clauses aimed at making the production, performance and distribution of their music as environmentally friendly as possible. A 100% digital release, it sets new standards for how music can be produced and distributed in an environmentally friendly way…

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Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

In 2007 Collis & Cyan created an initiative. One that combines the growing popularity of social networks and blogs with serious issues and awareness. Blog Action Day has a short but impressive history of uniting people all over the globe to link together, forming a massive chain of writers and readers to help raise awareness and discuss 1 common issue, we all share.

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GraphicRiver Goes Green

To celebrate this year’s theme of “Climate Change” I’ve poured through the GraphicRiver library for inspiration and selected some of the very best GraphicRiver files that celebrate the idea of ecological awareness, environmentalism, and generally going green. All these files are compiled in one helpful public bookmark collection for you to puruse: “GraphicRiver Goes Green.” Don’t forget to check out my top picks below!

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Blog Action Day: EcoDrive

This year, the subject of Blog Action Day is Climate Change. And on Down the FoxHole today, we’re going to be taking a look at an awesome Flash Web site and Adobe AIR application that gives some great advice on how to lower gas emissions that may ultimately help reduce the possibility of climate change.

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Climate Change: How Photographers Can Make a Difference

Today we’ll be delving into the important topic of climate change, and how it’s effects are realized around the world. Along with a selection of hard-hitting photographs, we will begin to consider how photographers can play a part in spreading the word about climate change.

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Animate an Iceberg Turning into a Desert Island

In this hour long video tutorial, we will follow the complete process of animating a 3d iceberg as it transforms into a desert island. We will take an in-depth look at using the many complex features of dreamscape, in conjunction with hand painted displacement maps and animated the meshes, and even go over some of the more classic principles of animation.

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Blog Action Day: Create a Virtual Wind Farm in ActionScript 3

The term wind farm refers to a group of wind turbines in one location used for production of electric power. Compared to the environmental effects of traditional energy sources, those of wind power are relatively minor. Wind power consumes no fuel and emits no air pollution, unlike fossil fuel power sources.

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Blog Action Day Roundup

It is Blog Action Day here on the interwebs, and I figured why not do our part in this eco-friendly awareness age? Instead of harping about how to save energy, conserve the wilderness, or protect the ozone layer, I have found a few videos across the internet that might help get the word out or make it click in your brain that the Earth really is getting older. We all have to do our part to at least soften the blow, if not erase the effects completely. Enjoy these little tasty tidbits of eco-friendly mograph goodness.

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Top 8 Songs about Climate Change

“Climate change is now widely recognized as the major environmental problem facing the globe.” (UNEP) Global warming and climate change are an important and controversial topics. They have raised strong feelings on both sides of the debate. Where do you stand?

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Organic Climate Changing Wallpaper by Ben the Illustrator

I’ve put together a wallpaper design free for all to download. It illustrates the changes taking place in our environment, and serves as a warning to start making changes now. This download is part of Blog Action Day, which this year is focused on “Climate Change.” Learn more at the jump, and download this colorful wallpaper!

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Top 20 Ways for Web Developers to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Climate change is greatly affected by our carbon footprint. As web developers, it may not seem that we make huge “footprints.” We read our mail and news online (no paper), communicate with instant messenger and Skype (no stamps or letters), and many of us relax by watching video or TV shows online (no renting/buying physical DVDs). As a whole, web developers do a pretty good job reducing their carbon footprint.

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Changing Actions Wallpaper by Alex Beltechi

I’ve put together a wallpaper design free for all to download free. It illustrates various environments blended together in inside the 3D text “Actions,” and serves to remind us that it’s time to start Changing our Actions to avoid continued climate and environmental issues our world faces. This download is part of Blog Action Day, which this year is focused on “Climate Change.” Learn more at the jump, and download this wallpaper!

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Other Sites in the Envato Network


Do your Part by using a Green Web Host

The team at Envato has long taken part in Blog Action Day, and this year is no different. The topic chosen this year is climate change — and when it comes to the web, one easy way to make a positive difference is to use a green web host.

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How your Mac is Saving the World

While you sit in front of your screen for hours on end, perusing tech blogs and pretending not to be addicted to Facbook, are you considering what sort of impact you’re having on the environment!? If you’re like me, the answer is “Hey pal, it’s a computer not a Hummer. Back off.” Luckily however, the good folks at Apple have put a lot of time and effort into this problem for us.

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How Freelancers Can Run Greener Businesses

Plenty of big companies routinely announce that they’re going green — they’re encouraging telecommuting to bring their carbon footprints down or they’re putting solar panels on their roofs to reduce dependence on other energy sources.

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