Aug 26

9 Abstract Spiral Freebie Vector Set

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 17:56 — julie

spiral vectors banners thumb 9 Abstract Spiral Freebie Vector Set

Its been a while since we have released a free vector pack. Todays vector pack includes 9  free spiral vectors, which can add a great finishing touch to your designs. The vector set comes in EPS and AI file format making it possible to open the set in any vector editor of your choice.

Please download the vector set, and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Next month we be revisiting an old tutorial, which explains how to create these great spiral effect using illustrator so stay tuned.

License Details

The icon set can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. The icon set CAN NOT be redistributed on any other website, without permission from the Creative Nerds team. Creative Nerds have created this icon set, and have full ownership. If you have any questions regarding license details use the contact us page, in order to get in touch, or comment below.

Previewspiral vectors 9 Abstract Spiral Freebie Vector Set

downloadbutton 9 Abstract Spiral Freebie Vector Set

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