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8 Solid Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider MODX for Your Next CMS

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 07:01 — julie

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Design is too important to let technology dictate what can and can’t be done. In order to keep up with rapidly changing trends, the design of a website should be as malleable as the content.

Most CMSs handle content well, but fall short when it comes to managing design. The technology imposes limitations, taxonomies, and predefined ways of doing things that may or may not be appropriate for what you’re trying to achieve. There is a better way.

MODX was built from the ground up to give you more Creative Freedom. Here are 8, count ‘em eight, reasons why MODX should be your CMS of choice.

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1. Your Design—Your Way

MODX is different to other CMSs in that it renders your markup on the page—no one else’s. When you use a starter theme, or a feature that generates HTML, you can customize it by simply pasting your own markup into a form field and hitting “Save”.

Instead of hacking a plugin or module to get what you want, MODX “Extras” or “Apps” as they’re called, are actually made to be customized.

This has huge ramifications. It removes the barrier to entry for experimentation and creativity. You don’t have to be wary of changing and updating a design, because it won’t cost as much, and while you’re doing it, the content and logic remain intact.

2. Easy—for Anyone

MODX completely separates the content, presentation, and logic, so you can make dynamic, feature-rich websites without knowing any server-side languages at all.

The intuitive interface can be customized to suit every user: templating areas can be hidden from content creators, custom labels can be added to form fields to guide novice users, and meanwhile developers can enjoy all the power and advanced functionality of the platform.

For those familiar with PHP, the architecture of MODX allows for nearly limitless extensibility. A database abstraction layer makes integrating custom data models a breeze, compared with other CMSs.

3. Well Vetted

Some of the most recognizable brands and websites in the world have chosen MODX: Dell, Complex Media, Hamilton Beach, Best Buy, TopGolf, and Pearl Drums, to name just a few.

MODX is in that sweet spot of adoption—the CEO of MODX estimates that there have been around 2.5 million downloads so far. There are enough deployments and real-world use cases to prove its viability, and ensure the ecosystem is alive and well.

However, it’s not so big that the core developers are untouchable. In fact, MODX staff still frequent the community forums, and the friendly, active user base is responsive and helpful. It’s refreshing, to say the least.

If you or your clients’ needs go beyond the free advice that’s available, MODX has a commercial support offering that can help you through the most challenging projects. You can actually get one-on-one attention from the folks who build the software.

4. SEO Powerhouse

Along with Creative Freedom comes the freedom to structure your onpage SEO any way you like. You can let your clients control the content of meta tags, Open Graph tags, and Twitter tags, and sleep easy knowing they can’t break the page.

Analytics services integrate by just pasting the markup into a form field. MODX URLs are human-readable and you can easily set a canonical URI. Feel free to use any microformat specification, whether now known or hereafter invented, and MODX will serve it up exactly the way you wrote it.

5. Multiple Domains or Languages

Stunning visual design knows no boundaries—and neither should you.

Out of the box, MODX Revolution can power multiple sites, responding to multiple custom domains or subdomains. It can serve content in multiple languages, and the core software itself ships with 15 different languages built-in.

6. Security

There’s nothing like an iframe injection to ruin a beautifully designed site. Your work, and your clients’ property, are worth protecting.

The MODX Revolution core software filters every input and uses prepared statements to execute database operations, eliminating the possibility of SQL-injection compromises. In human-speak: it’s really, really secure.

Also, you can easily customize the locations of the MODX core files on your server, making it much more difficult to fingerprint and run malicious scripts against your site.

7. Documentation

Hardening Your MODX Site is just one of the many helpful tutorials and guides in the official MODX documentation. There’s a quick-start video series that shows you how to integrate your own markup—and have a working, dynamic, CMS-driven site—in less than an hour.

Most, if not all, of the commonly used Extras are thoroughly documented as well, with usage examples and tutorials alongside reference material. As a testament to the platform’s flexibility, the MODX documentation site is, itself, powered by MODX.

8. Advanced Toolset

As if that wasn’t enough, MODX offers a cloud-based, rapid development tool to help jump-start your builds. If system administration is just a necessary evil in your business, then the MODX Cloud platform could be the icing on the cake.

Not only can you whip up a new MODX installation in seconds, but you can just as easily take a snapshot of your work at any point in time and deploy it to another site—all without setting up a single database. This frees you up to deliver the work your clients value the most, like design.

It’s true that every website is different. Undoubtedly, your selection of CMS will depend on project-specific requirements, but MODX is the closest thing there is to a CMS that can handle it all. It’s been called the “Silly Putty” and the “Swiss Army Knife” of CMS software.

There are hundreds of thousands of sites using it, from personal blogs to high-performance corporate hubs that get millions of hits a day. If MODX isn’t in your tool bag yet, you might want to ask yourself, “Why not?”

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