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5 Things Worth Checking Out Across Envato That You Probably Missed

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:01 — julie

I don’t know about you, but I can get so absorbed with Envato Market that I sometimes either forget to check-in with our sister sites or I’m unable to make the time to catch-up with all the many, good things going on over there! With that in mind, I just took some time to catch-up with Tuts+ and Envato Studio and discovered some really nice opportunities that may be of interest to our Envato Market community.

1. Get a whole year of Tuts+ FREE (a $180 value) with the purchase of an InMotion Hosting Plan

If you missed out on our Envato Market birthday promotion back in August where we gave away $75 marketplace credit for purchasing a hosting plan, you’re in luck! We’ve got another incredible deal going on right now over on Tuts+.

Get a whole year of Tuts+ FREE (a $180 value) with the purchase of an InMotion Hosting Plan

With the purchase of an InMotion Hosting Plan with plans starting as low as $3.49/month, you will receive an entire year’s-worth of learning on Tuts+, a $180 value, absolutely FREE! If you’ve never tried Tuts+ before or want to take your digital creative skills to the next level with online video training, now’s the time to make that leap of faith! Check out the InMotion + FREE Tuts+ ($180 value) Hosting offer! 

2. Tuts+ Are Looking for Volunteers to Help Translate Articles

We’d love to be able to spread online learning and training throughout the entire world. And how can we achieve that? One way is through kind and passionate volunteers from our very own community who are willing to help translate existing Tuts+ articles into other languages. But don’t take our word for it how rewarding this opportunity is.

Volunteer to Help Translate Articles

Meet Erick Patrick – he’s translated a staggering 50 tutorials for Tuts+. Come join Erick and many others who have used their multilingual talents to help spread the joy of creating all things digital.

3. Envato Studio Affiliate Program

At Envato we love coming up with brand new ways for our community to earn and learn online. One of our most recent ways to easily earn more income is via our affiliate program on Envato Studio. What I love about this particular affiliate program is that it’s super easy to take advantage of.

Envato Studio Affiliate Program

Find a service on Envato Studio you want to promote and when you refer a brand new customer you will earn a 10% commission on their first completed purchase. For example, if the new customer purchases a logo design service for $200 from your affiliate link, you bank $20. Not bad for a simple referral, right? This is particularly great for Envato Market authors who want to link over to their own Envato Studio services, or services that could help install or customize items you are already selling on Envato Market. Go forth and prosper!

4. Envato Studio Express Services & “First Dibs” Feature

You may already be familiar with the express theme installation service within Envato Studio where ThemeForest WordPress theme buyers can easily connect with an Envato Studio service provider who can install the theme quickly for a set price. Well, hot on the heels of this service are additional Express Services but this time, specifically for GraphicRiver content. Read our full announcement.

The new subcategories we’ve added are for customizing Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Cards & Invites, CD & DVD, and Food Menus & Signage.

When you now purchase an item from Envato Market that has a corresponding customization or installation Express Service available on Envato Studio, a special button will appear next to your purchased item on your downloads page. This is a great service and opportunity for buyers who need customization done quickly and for a reasonable amount!

Envato Studio Express

Meanwhile, the new “First Dibs” feature allows an Envato Market author, who is also a Studio Express Service provider, to be assigned all express installation or customization jobs for their own items.

For example, if you sold a logo on GraphicRiver and your buyer clicked the ‘Customize Logo’ button next to your item on their downloads page, then that job would be assigned directly to you if you were an active Studio Express Service provider for the relevant category. This is just the beginning of a more cohesive integration between Envato Market and Envato Studio and I’m excited to see how this will be further refined over time!

5. An Amazing Series of Tutorials on How to Draw Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s an amazing tutorial series on Tuts+ right now by Monika Zagrobelna that never ceases to amaze me. My jaw literally dropped while reading through these tutorials! The attention to detail and painstakingly accurate step-by-step instructions on how to draw the anatomy of animals is incredible. Here are just a few of my favorites, click each image below to view a specific tutorial.

So many great things in and around the Envato network right now, and there’s lots more goodies coming soon! Hope there’s been something useful here for you as an Envato Market community member!

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