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20 Insanely Creative 404 Pages

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 19:13 — julie

404 pages are extremely important for a well designed website, as they improve usability and will help your readers find what they want. There are two ways to design 404 pages. You can make the 404 page extremely functional and help your readers to quickly find relevant content on your website, or you can add a little bit of creative work and make it stand out! High quality illustrations can turn your boring 404 page into a great one, which your readers will surely love.

Here are 20 examples of awesome 404 pages for your inspration. Which ones are your favorite?


This is a great example that shows the use of illustrations in 404 pages. When you click the illustration you’ll get sent back to the homepage. Inriality 404 page


Klapp has a really interesting and fun 404 page. They’ve created a space invaders game you can play while you decide what you want to do next.

Klapp 404 page


Lego has a nice illustration on their 404 page. The page is simple, yet effective, and will send you back to the homepage.

Lego 404 page

Mic Check 

This 404 page is just in the concept stage but it is very clever! When something doesn’t work , what do you do? You test it!

Mic Check 404


Molome’s 404 page is not very functional and useful for the readers, but it is super cute! So they probably won’t mind hitting a dead page. The nav bar is pretty clear, and that’s a plus!

Molome 404 page


Qype has a more functional 404 page which allows you to return to the homepage pr to other categories found on the website. It also gives you some FAQ answers. They successfully combined a practical 404 page with some extra creativity!

Qype 404 page

South Park

South Park has multiple 404 pages, all simple and featuring South Park characters saying funny things. Refresh to see more of them.

South Park 404 page

The Many Faces Of

The Many Faces Of… is a parody website. They decided to make a Leonardo DiCaprio illustration, for their 404 page.  This is a fun approach for a 404 page.

The Many Faces Of 404 page

The Movie Nerd

The Movie Nerd has a very clever 404 page. The nav bar on top is very visible, so there was no need for sending back the visitor to the homepage.

The Movie Nerd 404 page


Audiko’s 404 page is impressive because of its great graphics. It also offers a Google Custom Search bar and a Back to Homepage link.

Audiko 404 page


This is a simple and beautiful 404 page. The illustration is very well done and it redirects you to the website’s homepage.

Bellstrike 404 page

Blue fountain media

On Blue Fountain Media’s website you can play PacMan inside the 404 page! How cool is that?!

bluefountainmedia 404 page

David has been here

This is a simple 404 page with a straightforward message. It is not only creative but also very practical!

Davidwashere 404 page


This is a concept design made by a designer on Dribble. Dribble should buy and implement this design asap! It’s really clever and creative!Dribbble  404 page

Focus Lab

Focus Lab’s approach to the 404 page is straightforward and simple. It shows the brand’s personality and it is also very practical and useful.

Focus Lab 404 page

Gig Masters

This 404 page is super practical as it offers a link for you to return to the homepage or you do a search and get the results.

Gig Masters 404 page

 Homestar runner

Fun, fun, fun! Homestar Runner’s 404 offers a short comic about why the site doesn’t work.

Homestarrunner 404 page

I love Icons

Not very practical, this 404 page impresses with its beautiful, simple cocept.

I love Icons 404 page


This is a very clever 404 page with some really nice graphics. It offers a quick way to the homepage too!

Illucolor 404 page

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